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Have you ever tried to know the secret behind that softly made buttery salmon or beef that you enjoy so much at restaurants? Maybe you think that they use some special ingredients to make the recipe so yummy.

But, let me inform you that there are no secret ingredients or any other things in this recipe. What is secret is its cocking method. The professional chefs make the item so delicious to you by their cooking.

The name of this cooking method is sous vide. Basically, this is a slow process of cooking that imparts that butter texture to that delicious salmon and also keeps the beef moist and tender. And now, the question is that is it possible to do the process at home? The answer is yes.

There are some sous vide cookers that make this process possible and easy for common people. Among those cookers, Wancle sous vide is the bestselling sous vide cooker in the country.

And when you complete reading this review, you will understand why it is so popular and the bestseller product. This has an easy-to-use interface and offers a great service that will enable you to cook like a professional.

Wancle sous vide
Source: Wancle.net


So now, let’s check the honest review where I am going to review the Wancle sous vide. I hope after reading this article, you will get a complete idea about the machine and take a decision about whether it is worthy of buying or not.


The sous vide cooker is made by the renowned brand Wancle. When you get the packet, you will receive a lightweight (7.42 pounds) and also a small (14.2 x 8.5 x 4.7 inches) cooker that looks attractive but at the same time works great.

The cooker comes with a digital control panel with which you can make the time accurate to the minute and the temperature to 0.1 degrees Celsius. Additionally, it offers a wide range of time control (Highest 99.59 hours) and temperature control from 25 degrees Celsius to 99.9 degrees Celsius. This will allow you to cook almost every type of food. It has the ability to heat a maximum of 4 gallons of water and its heating power is around 850 watts.

Wancle Certification

The best part is that it is ETL certified, GS certified, also REACH certified, RoHS by EU certified, and lastly, TüV certified. Their products meet intangible and strict requirements when it comes to safety and quality. And in order to ensure its quality of this sous vide, the circulators are now a subject to the stringent safe packaging and quality testing. That means you do not have to worry about the quality and safety of this.


When you see the cooker, it will surely catch your attention, especially its top handle. You will find a trigger mechanism underneath the handle that is used to open up a plastic clamp which runs along with the stainless tube of that heating element.

Though it is a little bit stubbier than other circulators you will find in the market, however, it fits well and its finish is really appreciable as well. Since it is small, you can keep it in your drawer if you want a clean kitchen. And if you have a stainless steel device, then it will enhance the beauty of your kitchen for sure.


As I previously mentioned that it comes with a digital display. This display is simple and very easy to read. What this display does is to show you the current temperature. Also, there is a button in order to toggle the second, it is a smaller display between your desired temperature and set up time.

Below that, there is a play/pause button by which you can start your cooking and stop your cooking. On the right of the display, you will find a wheel. This will light up red if your setting is wrong or if there is something error. And it will light up blue only if your set up is right. Additionally, you can use this wheel to skip more minutes or degrees by spinning it.


This amazing good looking cooker is a good performer.

With this amazing sous vide cooker, you can cook the food that is tasted like the expensive restaurant food, and of course enjoy the food without spending a lot of money in the restaurant.

In addition, you can cook food for many people in a very short time without thinking about the taste. You know, no matter you are cooking for how many people or how many times, you will get the same taste every time and good taste every time. And when it comes to healthy food, there is no alternative I think. You can cook your food without touching the food.

When you check out the honest Wancle sous vide review on Amazon from the users, you will understand how satisfied the users are and how good is the performance of the cooker.


The good thing about the Wancle is that it is very simple to use. You do not have to be a master in this field in order to cook food like the professionals.

What you need to do is to simply follow the sous vide cooking process. Wait! Don’t panic. It is so simple. Just place the sous vide in a water bath. Now take a Ziploc bag and seal your food in it. After that, immerse that into the hot water.

It is time to set the temperature and time. Set your desired temperature and set the time as well. You are done. The cooker will cook your food in that precise temperature for the time you have set. This will slowly cook your food with flavor.

You can cook your food in a common method but trust me that will not provide you with the result that this cooker is capable of. You will feel that you are eating the food from the restaurant if you can cook it the right way.


Well, to answer the question, you need to know the good part of this product and also the bad side of this product.

First of all, let’s see the good part of this sous vide cooker.

Reasonable price

Relative to the other immersion circulators in the market, the Wancle is cheaper in price. However, the performance it will give you will be incomparable. You will never find a product with such quality and positive ratings in the market that is so cheap. This is a good reason to buy it.

Suitable for almost every recipe

This sous vide is not only created for one or two recipes, but you can also make almost everything with this versatile immersion circulator from Beef, Pork, Seafood, Chicken, Egg, Chocolate, Baking, Pasta, Salad, Breakfast, Cocktail Dessert to the Vegetarian. No noise, no fuss, and no overcooking anymore, the best deal is to bring the professional cooking to the home. No matter how your cooking skill is, even if you are a new cooker, you can cook like a pro and enjoy the food that will be tasted like the restaurant food.

Safe and tastier food

When we use any new product, safety is the first thing that comes to our mind. And when it comes to food cooking, there is no other thought. The good news is that this digital sous vide cooker safe and pasteurized your food from any kind of foodborne contamination that is caused by the biological pathogens.

Besides, whenever you order any steaks at the restaurant, you find those steaks juicy, tender and moist. This is because of their cooking process. In this cooker, when you will cook, you can see that it retains all the moist and juices that deliver flavor. That means you can get safe and tastier food.

Consistency result

I think this is the thing that makes it so much different than traditional cooking. In traditional cooking, it is almost impossible to retain the same taste all the time since you need to put the same things at the same temperature for the same time all the time. Is that possible for any human? I guess, no.

But here, in the wancle, you can do all those things. Just put the same things every time and set the time and temperature the same all the time. You will get the same result all the time too. That means, for consistency results, there are no alternatives to this cooker.

Easy to use

If you are a person who likes that stuff that is easy to use, then this one can be a perfect option for you for cooking. You can simply learn the using process with a few trial and errors. In addition, the cooker comes with a manual or instruction that will tell you how to use it for making delicious food.

Since there is no Wi-Fi connection or Bluetooth option or no app, you can easily use it. A lot of users express their positive impression on not having any technology in this circulator. Most of the people believe that the technology is unnecessary, cumbersome and at some times, unreliable in the circulator.

And when it comes to cleaning, the product is a stainless steel sleeve that makes it super easy for everyone to clean the cooker. You do not any fancy equipment to clean it.

Another good thing is that the timer will not start until the temperature reaches its set temperature. There are many circulators available in the market in which the timer starts when you just put the water. Additionally, once the timer will reach its set time, the circulator will automatically stop working. That means no overheating.

What more, if you do not provide enough water or if there is any water lack, the machine will stop automatically to prevent any unwanted situation. Isn’t it so simple and easy for everyone?

Wancle manual for better use

This is the thing I like so much. Wancle comes with a user manual that contains a lot of recipes for different types of food. That means no matter you know a lot of recipes or you are a new person in this cooking side, you can make various items as well that will be tasted like restaurant food.

Good warranty and customer support

You know that a company is as good as its customer service is. The good news is that Wancle offers good customer service. They have an email address by which you can contact them anytime you want. Additionally, they offer a 2-year warranty that will provide a feeling of peace in your mind while you use this product.

These are the main benefits or good things of this sous vide cooker.


Now let’s check out its cons or the things the company should improve to make it better.

Lack of technology

This cooker has no WI-Fi or Bluetooth option. That is why there is no app as well. As a result, you cannot control things from away. However, some people think that it is a positive side since the technology is unnecessary, cumbersome and, unreliable at some times in the cooker.

Additionally, there is no confirmation or setting change option. That means once you set everything, you will not be able to change anything.

Instruction should be clearer

Some people claim that the instruction the cooker comes with is not clear enough to understand, especially for new people. They also claim that the instruction is difficult to read and there is not enough basic information that helps them to use the machine.

The touch display

The touch display of the cooker is on the making unit side that looks a bit odd. Also, since it is on the working unit side instead of the top, it will less likely last due to the water splash as well as mist, though it comes with the anti-mist system and it is waterproof as well.

You need more water to cook

This smart cooker needs at least 4 inches of water depth in order to operate fluently as well as efficiently. This is because of ensuring that the gadget does not reach the zero water level. This will prevent any kind of overheating. That means you need a large pot to use the gadget that will take more space in your kitchen. Also, more water means, it takes more time to reach the set temperature.


The wancle souse vide is suitable for both the expert cook and beginner. However, you need to remember that the sous vide is a slow cooking process.

It is a very useful tool in the kitchen if you want to enjoy food that is tasted like the restaurant food. And the good part is that you will get the same taste every time you cook food.

So if you are ready to wait for that much time and enjoy the delicious, trend, soft, yummy, and moist food then you can go for it without any hesitation.


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  1. I don’t understand the time display, it does not seem to be counting down. I guess I should have set a timer ? Is it because I said it wrong in the first place and I can’t reset it unless I unplug it? That’s one thing I just can’t seem to figure out It’s my first time using it

    • HI Loree,
      The countdown timer seems to only run when the set temp is exactly on. The problem is that the machine will continuously vary the temp a bit above, then below, the set temp. just enough to keep the timer from counting down. Sadly, the only solution is to use an external timer. They are cheap, but you should not have to buy something to correct a design flaw.

  2. I’m using my unit for the first time. I set the temperature to 140. I cannot get the water heated. Do I need to put the package in to get the temperature to rise?
    What could be keeping the water from heating up?

  3. I have owned at least 10 sous vide machines, some commercial and most residential, over the last 12 years, and the Wancle machine I have owned about 8 years, which was also the least inexpensive, outperformed all of them. It is easy to use, reliable, and accurate.

    Scott, Caterer


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