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I am sure you have watched the ‘Iron man’ movie, where Tony Stark has an assistant named “Jervis” that helps him a lot in his daily chores as well as other works and makes his life much easier.

We all wish, if we had something like that, right?

But you know, that is not possible right now. Yes, it will be possible in future for sure. However, there are some gadgets in your daily life that can make your life easier now. I am going to write about those top 10 gadgets that will make your life easier. I have found these gadgets awesome.

Let’s have a look on those gadgets. We will provide you with short reviews on those gadgets next.


Maybe you are not a forgetful person; you keep all things in the right place. But can you guarantee it that your stuff will not be lost? Of course, you can’t.

The reason is, your stuff can be lost by you or get stolen. And I know how it feels when you lose something important. Tile Style – Anything Finder works here.


Common trash can spread odor. And it is quite unhealthy to keep traditional trash can. iTouchless Touchless Trash Can – can solve the problem.

This iTouchless trash can features a natural odor filter of carbon that has the ability to absorb as well as neutralize the trash odors and provide a clean, healthy and fresh odor. Moreover, it is germ résistance as well that makes your room healthy.

Other than that, the trash can comes with 2 powered options. You can power by the AC adapter or the battery. Its rectangular shape makes it fitter even in tight corners and space. And it modern design enables it to provide you with 25% more capacity than a traditional similar trash can.

The thing I like most about this is its Reflex Technology that enables its lid to remain open when your hand is close to the can. If it has closed, it will reopen when your hand is nearby. Isn’t it cool?


Let’s go back to our 1st example of “Iron man” movie where Tony Stark just order the Jarvis to start machine and Jarvis makes that happen.

Logitech brings such kind of remote by which you can control up to fifteen home entertainments devices as well as connected home devices. With Alexa, you just need to order. Logitech Elite Remote will do the rest of the thing.

You can swipe and tap the remote to control TV volume, channels, movies, 50 top favorite channels and any other smart devices such as Philips Hue lights.

Don’t like to use the extra remote?
Just install the harmony app and connect it to your iOS or Android smartphone. You can control all the devices on your phone. Sounds good? Let me tell you more.

The remote features Harmony Hub that allows controlling all the things without pointing the remote to the devices. In addition, the remote works from a long distance no matter you are in the next room or behind the wall.

Even it will work when you are away from when. You just need to adjust the app to the devices. This surely makes your life more convenient and this is one of the best electronic gadgets right now for sure.


Sometimes, we wish if we had the Bluetooth option in our old devices such as mp3 or TV. The great news is, now it is possible.

Mpow makes this possible for us. The Mpow Bluetooth 4.1 Receiver, as well as Transmitter, is capable of help you to enjoy the audio feast from any non-Bluetooth devices such as MP3, TV via the 3.5mm adapter or the RCA cable. Also, by pairing the Mpow devices with your phone, you can enjoy any CD-like old audio from the old car/home stereo system.

It has one more interesting feature that I like most, which is its dual confection. This will allow you to use 2 Bluetooth headphones simultaneously. It helps you to enjoy watching TV or listening audio with your partner without disturbing other.

Moreover, it comes with a built-in microphone that enables you to hands-free calling when you are busy or when you are driving the car. And it comes with 45 days money back guaranty as well as 18 months guaranty.


Are you a bad cooker? Are you so busy so that you don’t get enough time to cook? Do you have kids who disturb you when you cook and as a result, you cannot provide the best result?

I have the solution to all the problems. Wait! I am not talking about any maid who will do the job for you.

I am talking about the Anova Culinary Sous Vide Precision Cooker. With this, you can cook like a pro even if you are a bad cooker or busy with doing any other home chores. And the best part is that like its name, it provides you exact same taste all the time.

What you just need to do is to take a pot, attach the Precision Cooker, add water, put the food in any glass jar or sealed bag and place the bag into the jar. You are done. The Precision Cooker will do the rest of the things.

This offers you a hands-free cooking. No dry edges or no rare centers. And guess what! Even Juices, as well as flavors, cannot escape. No other cooking method can make this kind of perfect food every time.

The cooking can also be controlled and monitor by your smartphone. And the cooker will send you a notification when the food is ready to eat. You don’t even have to sit aside the cooker.

Don’t you know any recipe? Pot a big deal. You will find thousands of recipe and proper guideline in the app.  This is a perfect cooker to cook vegetables, fruit, cheese, meat, and much more. I had no choice but to put it on the list of top 10 gadgets.


Nowadays, so many people share their passion and thoughts online and it becomes a trend. But what about real life? How would it be if you can share your passion, inspiration that inspire us, or what we care about?

Well, there is something that can make this possible. BEAM Wearable Smart display. With this wearable display, you can wear your passion and show the world what you care about or what inspire you.

This colorful 24bit display will help you establish your brand and create a community offline. Its vibrant graphics have the ability to grab attention and start the conversation very quickly with its 1.4″ AMOLED display because it has almost 100+ gifs and pictures and show it as a slide show.

The good news is, you can create your own custom gifs or picture as well by simply download its app on your Android or iOS. And also, you can send your content directly to your social media.

Other than that, it will help you to be safe via its GPPS location ability. You can send your location map up to four friends. Also, you can share awareness about causes and movement via this. I think its surely one of the latest gadgets in the market and smart people will grab this one.


The measurement tape is the thing that remains unchanged till now. You needed a lot of effort to measure anything and keep those data saved. But in this modern era, it should not remain unchanged right.

That is why eTape16 brings digital tape in the market that provides the more accurate result, save the data and ensure convenience.

The eTape16 digital tape measure comes with a large digital display that ensures easy reading. Moreover, to save the data it has three memories for The US or the metric units, re-zero as well as Inside/Outside measurements, and centerline calculation.

The problem that we faced in the analog tape is measuring difficulty. We needed to pull out the tape and check how long it is and wrote it down or memorized the data. But in this digital tape, when you pull out the tape, the display will show the measurement.

The tape has built with polycarbonate plastic that can last in any rugged environments. And most importantly, the tape provides the accurate result that you need most. You will be astonished when you will use it and you will realize the accuracy that is not even possible in traditional tape. When the era is going for every possible digital product, why will you use a traditional tape?


The last product of our top ten gadgets list is Bluetooth Password Manager. This security manager will separate your sensitive information or password from your main device physically. This Hideez Safe provides the automated passcode input scripts as well for the most major mobile applications and sites.

This will allow you to get rid of remembering the boring password and refresh as well as create strong Passwords for you for every Application and Web-Service.

The thing I like most about this is its THEFT ALARM. This system lets you know when someone tries to break your security. You will get the notification on your smartphone when the security is being breached.

Other than that, it comes with the multifunctional button, which can serve you as a remote trigger for a voice Recorder, video, or any emergency button on Computer and Android. If you have any necessary as well as sensitive information then this can be a good choice for you.


I wish if I had all these smart and cool technology gadgets. Though these products will not serve you as Jarvis serves Ironman, these gadgets will surely make your life easier.

You know, there are a lot of gadgets, apps and other things are invented to improve our lives and get rid of many difficult and risky tasks. And the way the inventions are going on, I am sure that very soon we will get Jarvis like something that will follow our order and make the things happen.

I hope this article will help you a lot to find out some helpful and cool gadgets. These gadgets will make you feel relaxed and relieve you from many tasks that you don’t want to do or don’t like to do. If you like one of those gadgets then my writing will be successful and I will be really happy thinking that my writing is worthy of something. Wish you the very best of luck.





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