Logitech Harmony Elite vs Ultimate: Which smart remote should you choose?

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Until the creation of a universal remote, the environment of every living room and the home theatre was not that good. Everywhere you would find few remotes for different devices. One for TV, one for the cable box, one for the gaming console, one for AC and many others.

Thanks to the universal remote. It removes all the remotes and makes your living room neat and clean and at the same time makes you enable to do whatever want to do with this single remote.

There comes the Logitech Harmony universal remote that has been dominating the universal remote market. Everything was going fine. But recently, they have brought some new versions and that is why people are now comparing between those versions, especially between Logitech harmony elite vs ultimate.

Though both of them are high quality and made by the reputable and renowned brand, however, there are some slight differences. In this article, I am going to show you those differences and make a comparison between those two remotes so that you can decide which one should you chose.

So let’s have a look


The first thing that has changed with the new versions is the design. The very first harmony remotes come with the basic shape so that people get familiar with this easily. But with the time, its shape has been changed.

The harmony ultimate is less square and no curved underside and softer edge.  On the other hand, the new version which means the Elite one has much more square shape, no softer edge and lastly has underside curved.

Though few people think that the previous one is better to grip, however, most of the people find it attractive as well as comfortable in hand.

In addition, the harmony ultimate version was 4.8 ounces where the latest version is 5.85 ounces. That means the latter one is more than 1 ounce heavier. Here, the customers’ reaction is mixed as well. Some people are claiming this one feels great in hand. And some people are denigrating this changes.

Still, one of the best features of the elite version is its soft-touch finish which is on the back. A lot of customers review it positively saying that it feels good in the hand. In addition, its harder edges reduce the chances of slipping out the remote from your hand.

Another great feature that has been added to the Logitech harmony Elite is a small circular device. Basically, it is a device that relays different commands automatically from your remote to the other primary entertainment system of your home. Additionally, this small device connects the Wi-Fi as a path to link your smart home devices and gadgets. The good thing is that you can hide it in a cabinet and it comes with 2 wired IR blasters that can be positioned in front of stereo, TV or other equipment.


Other than these dissimilarities, there are some similarities as well between the Logitech harmony Elite and ultimate. For example, the easy reading front screen along with the bright number buttons. However, the newer version brings some changes in display in order to satisfy the users. Such as the function buttons (play, stop, forward etc.) has been moved to the bottom.

Logitech harmony elite
Image: Logitech harmony elite buttons

In the previous version, it was on the top. But this made the users uncomfortable while pressing the buttons since they had to slide the remote to reach those buttons and press those buttons in the ultimate versions. Now, this is much easier to use.

Not only these buttons are on the bottom, but also there are some new buttons available in the Logitech harmony Elite. These are included to control other devices as well as switches, though these buttons were included in the ultimate version’s touchscreen, you need to go through some function to reach these option.  Such as you can dim the light without going through these function and just by pressing the buttons on the buttons of the new Logitech harmony Elite.


The Logitech Company always tries to make the set up easier for the customer. That means with the creation of the new version, it seems to be becoming easier and easier.

The elite version comes with a mini USB port that makes it so much easier for users set up. What you need to do is to connect the device to the computer and the rest of the things you can do with your smartphone, no matter it is android or IOS. The good news is that it has a firmware update that will keep the device up to date.

In order to set the app, you need to simply download the app in your phone and then create an account on that app. After creating the account successfully, you will be able to set up activities. The activities are basically a sequence of your command which will set up all the device of yours to the right setting.

For example, if you create a program named “Smart TV” and press it, the app will turn on the smart TV, though you can do it with the previous version as well, I mean the Ultimate.


When it comes to the interface, the interface of the Elite is different from the ultimate. The elite interface is much more intuitive than the previous version where finding the ‘activities’, as well as ‘device’ buttons, was really difficult, especially for those who never used that.

In the Elite version of Logitech universal remote, you will find those two touch-sensitive buttons under the display. When you press the activities button, you will see in the display the highlights of the activities that you have already programmed such as dimming the light. And when you swipe the display, you will see your favorite channels list on the display.

And the ‘devices’ button, when you press it, you will see the list of the devices you have now connected to your remote such as your cable box, TV, or any other smart devices. These two buttons, as previously mentioned, make it so easier to navigate between the activities and devices which was difficult to find in the previous version.


The harmony ultimate one had the ability to connect multiple smart home devices. That is the thing the harmony Elite is still possessing. But the Elite has the ability to connect far more smart home devices than ultimate one. Also, the process of connecting these smart devices to the remote is much easier than the previous one.

However, there is a change in the function button. There are several buttons are placed at the bottom of the remote so that it can be easier to control the smart home devices such as lights and thermostats. Additionally, the smart home features can be accessible by the touch screen only in the ultimate version wherein the new version, there are four extra buttons on the bottom of this remote for the smart home feature.

And each of the buttons is separated by the rocker switch. The left side two buttons have lights icon where the right side two buttons have power outlets icons. You can configure the button by using the mobile app and control any connected home smart devices.


When it comes to battery life, there is no difference at all. Both of these can last about two days on a single charge. However, it varies on how you use it. The remote comes with an attractive weighted cradle that can charge the remote very quickly. You can charge a dead battery up to 50% with this nice cradle. And lastly, both of them have the light indicator as well. I little difference I want to mention here that you can replace the battery by yourself in harmony Elite.


After reading the entire comparison, I hope you have understood which one you should choose. Basically, there is no comparison possible at all between these two since they both are from the same renown brand Logitech that makes the high-quality universal remote.

The Logitech Harmony Ultimate is a very good universal remote with so many features including radio frequency, Wi-Fi, IR, Bluetooth, and a colorful 2.4 inches display that can recognize some of the gestures. On the other hand, there are some drawbacks as well. For example, the remote has some poorly placed transport I mean play, stop, forward etc buttons. Also, it has a lack of dedicated key as well for the rewind and forward skips function.

Additionally, the battery is rechargeable but not replaceable. Other than that, the process of setting up the device is not that much intuitive and it is really archaic. It takes a lot of time to set up, especially if you have a large home theatre system.

On the other hand, the Logitech harmony Elite is advanced and has more amazing features. The transport buttons are placed at the base of the remote and it is really easy to find. And it has four dedicated key that can interact with smart devices such as Alexa and Google home. With these buttons, you can dim the light and also change your thermostats. In addition, it has a rechargeable battery as well but this is replaceable unlike the ultimate one. Other than that, its interface is simple for users to use. And lastly, its square design makes it more attractive.

The only drawback I have found in the Elite one is its weight. However, a lot of people like it since this feels good in the hand.

So overall, I think the elite one is better in features, quality, looks, and services. Why will you buy the backdated old one when you can get the advanced new one? Right? I mean right?


Actually, picking up between harmony elite vs ultimate is not that much difficult at all. The people who are up to date and like up to date product, who want the attractive look, as well as good performance and lastly who want to control the highest number of devices with a single remote, can take the elite one.

And the people who are backdated, not like the advanced product, and who don’t care about the look, and of course those who have a small house with a few smart devices can take the ultimate one. It’s that much simple. Now think, what kinds of person you are and which one you should take. The decision is yours.



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