Everykey review – is it a scam or worthy of buying?

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Now we are living in the digital era. We set a password for every digital device. No matter it is a mobile phone, a website, a social media account, a shopping account, or a pc. And we all know that we should not use the same password everywhere. This is too risky.

That is why we all use different passwords for different devices or websites. The problems create here. It is too difficult to remember all these different passwords. And that is why we need to reset passwords often. What is the solution to this problem?

Everykey can be a great solution for you. It can keep all your password and relieve you from remembering all those weird passwords. What is Everykey? How does it work? What are the features? What is the function?

Hold on! In this Everykey review, I am going to answer all of your questions. So let’s get started without any further talk.

everykey review

What is Everykey?

Basically, Everykey is your password volt. And also it works for you to lock and unlock. It generates a complex password for your device and lock it and unlock it for you and only you. You need nothing to do. All of your efforts such as remembering those weird passwords, enter all of those, and login is real trouble. And writing down those passwords, keeping the notepad with us all the time is a really boring job.

Everykey is a small device that needs no effort to be carried. You just make sure you have carried the device with you all the time. The rest of the things will be done by the device. Not only for your devices, but it also generates a complex password for your different websites and lock and unlocks these.

Moreover, it generates one time highly secured password for better security. It provides military-type high security. And what’s more. It automatically locks the device when you are not around the device. That means no one can use your device without your permission and when you are not around the device.

Furthermore, it has a theft protection system that allows you to lock or freeze the device if it gets stolen.

Overall, this one is all in one password device. All kinds of passwords problems can be solved with this amazing small device.

How does it work?

According to the official website, it works through a Bluetooth connection. Basically, it generates low pressure encrypted signal through the Bluetooth to your device and the device decrypt the signal if the signal is correct and unlock its mechanism.

When your Everykey leaves the device, the device re-enable the security mechanism and unlock the device. However, you need to pair your Everykey to your devices.

How to create a pair

You need to pair your Everykey to your device via pressing and holding the button. You will find the button on the top of your Everykey. By the time you hold the button, this allows Everykey to exchange the encrypted information with the device. You need to remember that each key has to be set up once for each of the devices.

After configuration, you can use your Everykey and communicate encrypted data. To keep you up to date, the Everykey always updates their product.

Everykey features

Let’s have a look at the features of Everykey.

Auto-lock and unlock

You can lock and unlock your phone, computer, and other devices with this amazing key volt. And the good part is, you don’t have to type your password all the time. The Everykey will do it for you. When you will be away from your device, the Everykey will auto-lock your device.

Automatic secure website sign in

Everykey safely stores your website password and when you visit that specific website, the Everykey makes you log in to the website automatically. In addition, it can generate a complex and random password for your website for additional safety.

High security

All of your passwords will be encrypted with 4 layers of RSA and AES encryption. This kind of security is only used by the military of the USA. So you can easily imagine how will be the security of your password. And if you lose your device, don’t worry. You can freeze the device remotely.

Now let’s see some of the major pros and cons of Everykey.

  • Using Everykey is really simple, perfect, and effortless. You can use it in your everyday life.
  • It comes with great comfort.
  • If you don’t have your Everykey, you can use your physical key as well as a password to lock and unlock your account as well as the device.
  • Everykey does not need any kind of Wi-Fi, mobile data, I mean no internet connection.
  • This Everykey enables you to jump from one side to another without being worried about login and log out.
  • This device ensures the highest security.
  • And lastly, this is perfect for those who have more than one password.
  • To log in to the website, you will need to have an internet connection.
  • It can be lost. But if you lose it then you have the option to freeze the device. Just call the Everykey authority and they will take care of everything.

Everykey alternatives

There are many companies that are trying to consolidate something like a password manager or key. However, most of them cannot perform as well as Everykey. You might find some products that claim to be the best password manager, but I think you will not get that good performance.

Whatever, if you don’t like Everykey then there are other options you will find in the market but I afraid, these products will not be able to fulfill your need.

Final verdict

Finally, Everykey is a device that is highly recommended for anyone who wants a secure password manager. This is the device that works for you and only you. This will ensure the best security and get rid of you from remembering the boring password or keeping a notebook all the time.

This Everykey is comfortable to use. You can take it wherever you go anywhere and whenever you go. You know, the number of frauds and hackers have been increasing day by day. It becomes really hard to keep our account and device save. That is why a device like Everykey can save your day.



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5 thoughts on “Everykey review – is it a scam or worthy of buying?”

  1. The key fob should be made a little larger to accommodate a larger battery that would last at least a full week. Mine needs charging every 4-5 days.

  2. The thing that gets me about this device is that it unlocks whenever in proximity. That opens sooo many hacking oppurtunites like 1. Threaten the person into getting near to their devices to unlock them, 1.5 just use their devices while they are near them 2. Perform a MITM/Relay attack to boost the signal e.g. from inside a house to outside it like is currently done with car remotes.

    I think YubiKey and other USB key type solutions work better because of this.

  3. My problem is that it does not warn me of a low battery so I am without its use until I recharge. Also it seems to randomly disconnect from bluetooth.


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