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Technology has been making our life easier and easier. Most of the inventions are for helping us, making our daily chores much easier than before.

Ecovacs participated in this program 20 years ago. And it introduced its first robotic vacuum cleaner in 2007. Since then, they have been delivering some amazing home-use robots to the customers. And today, they are one of the top 3 home-use robotic companies in this world. Their robotic vacuum cleaner can be found in over thirty countries and you will find their corporate offices in Japan, North America, and Germany. Ecovacs deebot n79 and Ecovacs deebot n79s are their two latest and most advanced robotic vacuum cleaner.

Basically, after a huge success of Ecovacs deebot n79, they have created Ecovacs deebot n79s with more features. However, more features bring some disadvantages as well such as it becomes heavier than the n79. As a result, people often confuse choosing a one. Ecovacs Deebot n79 vs n79s, which one you should choose?

That is why, to help you take your decision, we are going to make a comparison between Ecovacs Deebot n79 vs n79s.


Before comparison, let’s see what features are going to get from these two amazing robotic vacuum cleaners.

Superb suction and long lasting brush

Ecovacs designs their vacuum cleaners in such a way to ensure no dirt or debris remains on your floor, no matter it is a carpet or tile made on the floor. They use a three-step process to ensure the best cleaning. One step for cleaning is using superbly strong suction. This powerful suction leaves no dirt or debris behind. Along with the powerful suction, they feature a deep-reaching brush to lifts more dirt. This feature is not available in low quality or cheap robotic vacuum cleaning.


Ecovacs deebot n79s and Ecovacs deebot n79 feature propeller brushes that will extend past the body of the cleaner and will reach even at the edge of your wall. This will provide you with better cleaning. Also, the brushes are made of nylon. That means it is long-lasting. You can easily use it for 3 to 6 months without changing.

Extraordinary Maneuverability

In most cases, before any vacuuming with your robotic vacuum cleaner, you need to prepare your room. Otherwise, the cleaner might drop from higher space, and also it can make a collision with walls or other sharp edges as well.

Ecovacs deebot works here. These two cleaners have anti-collision and anti-drop sensors. This will allow you not to do anything before vacuuming. You do not need to block the edge or cover the wall edges. Whenever the cleaner encounters any kind of hazard, it will automatically steer itself away and save itself from any damages. In addition to that, it has a soft bumper that protects from any kind of damages.

Its height is only 3.1 inches. That means it can fit itself under any piece. You don’t need to move any of your furniture to clean the room. Its size is only 13 inches. However, this is enough to clean your entire room. And the best part is, it is fast enough. That means it can cover a good amount of space in a very short amount of time.

Great air filtration

A great feature of every robotic vacuum cleaner should have is a good air filter. And since Ecovacs deebot n79s and n79 are the two best vacuum cleaners, they also have great filtration. Basically, there are three filters inside the vacuum cleaners.

The first one is for highly fine particles which are very effective. And the second one is a sponge filter that works to filter the larger particles. In order to prevent any kind of clogs, there is a reusable mesh net to protect the filters.

To store the debris, there is a dustbin that can store up to 300-milliliter debris. To clean the bin, you need to push a button and a bin will pop up. Simply pull out the bin, open its cover and shake it to clean its debris.

Multiple cleaning modes

I think this is one of the best parts of a good cleaner. A vacuum cleaner should have multiple cleaning modes in order to provide the best service. The Ecovacs deebot n79s and Ecovacs deebot n79 offer you four cleaning modes to make your room clean.

Among those four, the most used mode is the auto-clean mode. In this mode, the cleaner goes straight and its motion navigation allows it to take the best path.

It has a small room mode as well to do the job fast. If you need to clean your room fast, simply select the mode and it will get your job done in no time. It also has an edge mode to clean your room along to the border of the room. And lastly, its spiral mode helps you to clean small messes.

Wi-Fi controlling

Now you don’t need to be physically present to clean your room.  The Ecovacs offers you Wi-Fi controlling. That means you can remotely control your cleaner. The Ecovacs offers you an app for your Android or iPhone so that you can set the mode of cleaning, now the status, and also set the cleaning schedule. Moreover, it has a (Find Me) Feature that allows you to know the location of the cleaner.

However, you don’t even need a smartphone to run your cleaner. It comes with a remote by which you can control everything of your cleaner.

Easy maintenance

One of the major problems to use these kinds of robotic vacuum cleaners is their maintenance. However, this brand offers you worry-free maintenance. It has some lights and sounds to let you know the specific issue. If the battery is low, its light turns blue and if there is any problem, the lights turn red.

In addition to the lights, it has sound effects. Its beep sounds indicate many things. One beep means your cleaner is stuck. Two beeps indicate that the bumper has the dust buildup. Three beeps indicate that it is high time to clean the bin and finally four beeps indicate any malfunction in the brushroll.

Moreover, to keep your cleaner capable of working, it comes with a multi-function tool. These tools help you remove the dirt and hair from the charging pins, sensor, brushes, and wheels. And if there are any problems regarding the robot, you have a one-year manufacturer warranty.


Long lasting battery power

These two versatile cleaners come with 2600 mAh lithium battery. I am sure you are aware of the lithium battery. Basically, this is the best battery you can use for your vacuum cleaner. It lasts up to 100 minutes in a single charge. And since it is a lithium battery, it charges very fast unlike most of the other battery. In addition, it takes less current to charge itself.


These are the similarity. However, since n79s is the upgrade version, there will be some added features for sure. And you should know these features so that you can make the right choice.

Voice control

Yes! The Ecovacs deebot n79s offers voice control. Unlike most of the vacuum cleaners as well as the previous version of Ecovacs, this one does not just offer remote control. If you have an Amazon tap, dot or Echo, you can tell the cleaner to start, dock and stop. This feature makes the cleaner one step ahead of the previous version and also it is more convenient than the previous version.

It is weightier

The previous version was 5.4 ponds where this one is 6.7 pounds. That means this one is a little bit weightier. However, some people might this thing a better thing because more weight means it will not wobbles. Also, this little bit more weight will not impede you to carry it anywhere or cleaning the room.

Extremely powerful suction

Though both of the cleaners has powerful suction, the later one has a mode called power max. This mode increases the suction power by 50%. That means it is almost 1.5 times powerful than the previous version in term of suction. This enables you to clean tough messes like heavy debris and pet hair.

Quite sound

Though both of the cleaners have low sound, the later one is quieter. However, you will not be disturbed with their sound while you are watching television or doing other chores.

These are the features you will get in the Ecovacs deebot n79s extra. However, you can get your job done with the previous one as well.


Vacuum is one of those works that people hate most to do. It is laborious, boring, and monotonous. And most importantly it is time-consuming. That is why having a smart robotic vacuum cleaner will make your vacuuming a lot easier than before. And what can the better choice than Ecovacs?

Its two highly efficient cleaner is capable of doing the best. They have a long-lasting battery, strong suction, versatile mode, air filtration, and easy maintenance. So you can choose any of these and I am sure you will get the highest service from these.

However, if you want a smarter version with extra suction power that will be run through the voice command then the later one I mean the Ecovacs Deebot n79s can be a better choice. Now the choice is yours. It does not matter which one you choose, you will get the best robotic vacuum service for sure.


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