Best Welding Helmet For Beginners

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The best welding helmet for beginners is one that fits your head perfectly. If it doesn’t fit you properly, you may not be able to use it long enough to get used to the way it feels or how it fits. In addition, a poorly fitting helmet will make your eyes water, which can cause blurring and discomfort. Finally, if you don’t have a good fit on your welding helmet, there is a significant chance of injury from sparks or fumes.

There is a wide array of different welding helmets available for the beginner and the advanced welder. For those who are new to this field, it can be confusing to know which helmet is best suited for you. There are many factors that should be considered while choosing a welding helmet. Some considerations include price, brand name, comfort, and safety – among others. Here’s a list of some of the best welding helmets on the market today:

1. YESWELDER LYG-L500A-A True Color Solar Powered Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

The True Color Technology upgrade to YESWELDER welding helmets – improves visibility and reduces eye strain by minimizing the traditional lime green coloring in the helmet view screen.
Upgrading the welding helmet with True Color technology preserves the existing 1-1-1-2 optical clarity rating, improves visibility, and reduces eye strain by minimizing the traditional lime
The whole hood is designed with lightweight, has luxury, and unique headgear.

What makes this welding helmet different from other welding helmets
The YESWELDER True Color Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet is designed for people who weld as a hobby. This helmet offers a high level of protection and comfort, as well as a large field of vision. The True Color Technology maximizes productivity by allowing the welder to immediately identify the post-weld appearance of the workpiece by matching the shades of the projected shade to the conventional appearance of the workpiece.


The LYG-M800h is a new digital industrial welding helmet that features a large, high-resolution display with advanced optical quality. It has four premium sensors and an ergonomic pivot style headgear to offer users the best possible viewing experience. The large display has three times as many pixels as previous models, which enable finer details to be detected by the sensors. This, among other benefits, means the LYG-M800h can be calibrated to maintain the pre-selected display level, and the auto-brightness adjustment function means the level is always ideal for the environment.

3. Lincoln Electric K3034-4 VIKING 3350 Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

The Lincoln Electric Viking 3350 auto-darkening welding helmet (generation 4) is the ultimate blend of comfort and productivity. The X6 Headgear is shaped to fit your head, so it distributes weight, eliminates pressure, and provides a personalized fit for maximum comfort.

The low-profile button in the external grind mode allows you to quickly change from weld to grind mode, preventing downtime and increasing profitability. New features include an auto-darkening lens that produces a clear and true color view of the arc and puddle to enhance your control, reduce eye strain, and increase weld quality.

All Viking welding helmets have a 1/1/1/1 optical clarity rating, which means they don’t have common lens imperfections like blurriness and distortion. In addition, the quality of the auto-darkening lens is really important, but the size is also important. The 3350 series features a large viewing area of 12.5 square inches. The 4th generation of VIKING 3350 Series welding helmets is available in over 15 different styles to make you look professional.

4. DEKOPRO Welding Helmet Solar Powered Auto Darkening Hood

The DEKOPRO Welding Helmet is a great choice for anyone looking for a high-quality, durable helmet. It features an auto-darkening design that adjusts to the level of brightness in the surrounding environment, and it has a wide shade range so you can find the perfect setting for your needs. Plus, the helmet is made with high-quality materials that make it tough and long-lasting. It’s a great choice for newbie welders looking for a good helmet that won’t give you any problems in the long term.

5. Antra Wide Shade Range Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

The Antra Wide Shade Range Auto Darkening Welding Helmet is designed for full neck and head protection. With a crystal clear lens and a wide range of 4/5-13, it is compatible with hard hats and cheater lenses. The helmet also has a flexible headgear mechanism for a comfortable fit, and an easy to operate interface. It provides stable performance even on low amperage welders.

How to Select Best Welding Helmet for Beginners

Some important things to keep in mind when purchasing a beginner welding helmet are highlighted below.


You will need to wear a welding helmet for the required amount of time as per your job requirements. The helmet should be more comfortable and easier to carry than traditional helmets, which cannot interrupt or fatigue you.

A comfortable welding helmet enables you to enjoy your work more easily. Headgear companies make helmets in a standard size that can fit most adults, but they also design headbands to stay on the welder’s head.


You should always be safety conscious when welding. Always make sure to wear a safety helmet, cover your neck to protect your eyes from the arc, and keep your fingers away from the welding torch. Welding produces radiation that can cover your head.

Auto Darkening

The most advanced feature on this helmet is the ability to detect the arc automatically. When that happens, the lens turns from light blue to a darker color.

This auto darkening feature protects your eyes if you do not have an auto darkening feature on your helmet. If you forget to adjust it, it could be dangerous for your eyes.

Viewing Area

We think of the viewing area when we talk about welding helmets. The size of the window changes depending on the price and weight of the hood.

The best screen for beginners is the 3.94 x 3.86-inch viewing screen that is in the Instapark ADF Series GX990T. This screen allows a welder to see their surroundings or the workplace without having to move their head too much.

We do not recommend an average-sized viewport for beginners. If your budget is low, then selecting a welding helmet with a small viewing area is your compulsion. You have to compromise on quality in order to save money.

Arc Sensors

All auto darkening welding helmets come with two or four arc sensors. These sensors are amazing for beginners because they don’t produce any fear of eye damage. This feature is only found in auto darkening helmets, not in regular welding helmets. Make sure to wear a passive helmet when riding a bike.

Shade Range

Auto darkening welding helmets have different shades, most of which are in the 4 to 13 range. Shade 4 corresponds to the lighter lens; as the number increases, the lens becomes darker.

There is a great deal of variety when it comes to working in different shades, but most welding helmets have a default shade that is best suited for a particular type of work.


There are many factors to consider when purchasing a welding helmet, such as the type of welding you will be doing, the size of the helmet, and the level of protection it provides.
Welding helmets are an important piece of safety gear for anyone who welds. The best welding helmet for beginners is one that is comfortable to wear, has a good lens and is easy to use.


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