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Over-ear headphones are also referred to as circumaural, full-size or around the ear headphones. They are usually thick and bulky. These headphones are available in either open or closed ear cup design. They are normally used for heavy-duty purposes. You can easily find them in recording studios due to their noise-canceling capabilities. These headphones can also be found in indoor spaces with enough air circulation. They are a good choice for people living in cold areas because they also protect your ears from cold. Due to their size, they are more expensive as compared to other headphones. If you have been searching for the best over ear headphone, this article covers all you need to know about these headphones. We shall also review some of the best over ear headphones you should consider. Read on.


mpow 059 bluetooth headphone

This is one of the best over-ear headphones that provide a very high-quality sound. It has a closed-back design which gives an immersive Hi-Fi sound. It also comes with a CSR chip and a 40mm drive.

Mpow headphones have a memory protein ear cushion which ensures you are comfortable. It also has a stainless steel slider and a padded headband which enables you to find the perfect fit without problems. This also makes your headphones to last long. These headphones use rechargeable batteries which last for up to 15 hours. This means you can listen to your favorite music the whole day and without recharging.

Mpow 059 Bluetooth headphones have a beautiful design that allows you to fold them. You also get a portable bag after purchase which helps you to carry them. It also saves your desk space. These headphones provide a quick and stable pairing with Bluetooth-enabled devices. You can also use them as wired headphones. You just need to connect them using an audio cable. They also have an inline microphone which allows you to make hands-free calls.

  • They are comfortable
  • Noise cancellation feature is perfect
  • They are lightweight
  • Bluetooth connects fast
  • The battery lasts long
  • Have nice accessories like the carrying bag
  • Mpow act as hands-free device meaning you can make calls without the mic
  • They make your ears sweaty after using them for a long time
  • Mpow do not have color choices
  • They are not ideal to those who wear glasses
Compared to others, these are very comfortable to wear. I would highly recommend them also due to their affordable price. They are the best in the market today.


cowin e7 headphone

These are the best headphones from COWIN. They provide a high-quality sound and have active noise cancellation capabilities. This means they can remove background noise which helps you to focus on just what you want to hear. They have an Earmuff 90 degrees swivel design which allows you choose the best angle for reducing wearing pressure.

They also have a compact carrying case which ensures that they are well protected when traveling. You can fold them and place them in the case for easy carrying.

Cowin E7 is very comfortable when worn and are very lightweight. You can use them for a whole day since they have 90° swiveling earcups which ensure that you are comfortable. They also have a professional thick earpad and headband material which makes them last longer.

They have wireless controls that you can use to manage calls, playbacks, and to adjust the volume. The Bluetooth connectivity is also great. The battery allows you 30 hours of playtime after charging. You can use the headphones in the wired mode when the battery runs out.

  • They are Bluetooth enabled
  • Folds flat
  • Battery lasts for up to 30 hours
  • Has an excellent appearance
  • You can use them in wired mode
  • Poor voice quality on the mic
These are quality headphones which allow you to use for long hours. I would highly recommend them because unlike others; these have wireless controls which allow you to perform different activities. You can also use them in wired mode.


monoprice 108323 dj style

These are the best over ear headphones for DJs. Monoprice is comfortable and allows you to spin your favorite tunes for a long time due to their rugged design. Monoprice offers the best sound quality for DJs and casual listeners. They have thick earpieces with comfortable paddling which removes background noise. You can swivel them up to 90° which also allows you to use them as makeshift speakers. These headphones measure 1.5 inches on both ends which allows them to fit over a cap and this also provides a good contact over the ears. The headpiece has a padded rubber which ensures that it does not break.

Monoprice 108323 headphones have a 3.5mm jack at the bottom and do not have a fixed wire. The jack allows you to connect a 3.5 audio patch cable. If the wire breaks, you don’t have to throw the headphones away, you just need to look for another cable.

You can use the headphones with iPod, iPad, iPhone Android, and other devices. They last long and provides maximum comfort.

  • Incredible sound quality
  • They are lightweight
  • Have a replaceable cable
  • Have a good clamping force
  • They have zero soundstage
  • Ear pads make your ears to sweat
  • They are a bit muddy when the music is complex
These are quality over-ear headphones which allow you to connect various audio devices like the iPhones, iPads, etc.  They are very comfortable when worn.


audio technica

If you’ve been searching for affordable and quality headphones, you should consider these. Audio Technica headphones come with 40mm drivers who offer a very quality sound and an excellent signal transfer. They are designed with an acoustic chamber which is separate from the electronics. This helps to maximize the performance of the drivers.

The headphones also have an inbuilt amplifier for booting. The headphones provide a clear and full-bodied audio production and also allows Bluetooth wireless operation. They also have a mic, and volume controls. You can receive calls as you handle playbacks. You can connect them with eight wireless Bluetooth devices. A 1.2-meter smartphone cable, controls, and a mic are also available for auxiliary input.

The ear cups fit well and also the over-ear design is very comfortable. The materials used are very soft which means you can use the headphones for a long time. The headphones are very light and have a large over cup design.

  • They are very easy to connect via Bluetooth
  • They are comfortable when worn
  • Have a smart design
  • They are light
  • They have a bright and clear sound
  • Affordable price
  • Takes a lot of time to charge
  • Hard edge to sound
They have a great design and a balanced sound, but they can be a bit hard on your ears.


beats studio 3

These headphones are available in 17 different colors. They are one of the most comfortable over-ear headphones since they have large cushioned ear pads. This means you can use them for long hours. The left ear cups contain volume controls and a central multifunctional button that can be used for call management, playback, and track navigation.

The right earpad comprises a battery status LED indicator and a pairing/power button. You can press the multifunction button together with the power button to enable ANC mode. This means you can wear headphones just to block unwanted noise.

These headphones allow listening to your music via Bluetooth when you are 30 feet away from the audio devices. You can answer calls, skip songs, and adjust volume using the built-in controls on your headphones. You can listen to your favorite music for 22 hours when connected through Bluetooth. They have a USB cable which you can use to recharge the battery.

  • They have a powerful audio performance
  • You can choose from the different colors available
  • You can use them for long hours
  • These headphones come with two cables, and one has a three-button remote
  • They are expensive
  • Noise cancellation is not enabled
They are great and allows you to listen to music when you are 30 feet from the audio device.


bosoe quickcomfort 25

Design– These are the most recent headphone from Bose. Unlike the others from this company, these headphones are silver- black. The previous models used to be gray in color, but the company has changed that in this model. The headphone’s curves are sleeker as compared to other sets. Bose quiet comfort 25 is lightweight and has squidgy pads which make you comfortable when using them for long hours.  The inner padding is made of Alcantara which is a synthetic form of suede that makes you comfortable when worn. The outer parts of the cups are made of metal. This makes them be the most comfortable over-ear headphones. They feature a 2.5mm cable which is easy to replace when damaged. The cable consists of a three-button remote.

Noise cancellation– These are some of the best over ear headphones with noise cancellation capabilities.  You can turn this feature on or off using a button on the right earcup. This is one of the features that makes them very easy to use.

Battery – These headphones use one non-rechargeable AAA battery which is placed in a slot on the right cup. The battery gives you up to 35 hours of use. You can use a separate charger if you are using rechargeable batteries.

Sound quality – They have a pleasant sound and has noise-canceling capabilities. They also have a well-defined and wide soundstage. They are the Best over-ear headphones for working out.

  • They have a quality sound
  • Excellent noise cancellation
  • Long life battery
  • They have a great design
  • They are expensive
  • They are bulky
  • The metallic part can scrape against each other when folding.
These are some of the best over ear headphones with a quality sound and noise canceling capabilities.


bluedio ufo pps 8 drivers

Bluedio has been trying to come up with excellent products, and their PPS 8 Drivers headphones are proof. These are great over-ear headphones that have a mind-blowing 3D audio option. Bluedio U (UFO) PPS 8 drivers have an exquisite design. The headband contains a matte and a silicon finish.

The earpieces and the arms are made of glossy plastic. They have strategic highlights and classy curves that give them a great appearance. The earpieces have good padding and are racetrack-oval. You can use the headphones anywhere even for long hours.

The buttons are placed on the right ear-cup. The buttons include the call management button, track navigation buttons, play/pause and volume controls. You can also use these headphones in the wired mode using a 3.5mm port which is located on the right ear-cup.

Earcups rotate backward for 180 degrees. This one of the features that makes them perfect for DJs.

The battery can last for up to 25 hours when using Bluetooth. The headphones use Bluetooth 4.1 which is a power-smart technology. They also come with a mic which allows you to receive hands-free calls.

  • Bluetooth enabled
  • They have large buttons
  • You can use them in wired mode
  • Have a glamorous design
  • Balanced and clear audio
  • 3D sound effect for movies
  • They are heavy
  • Expensive
They have a great design and are very easy to use, but they are a bit bulky. You can use them when watching movies since they have the 3D sound effect, unlike others.


LilGadgets headphone

LilGadgets headphones are a quality product for not only children but also adults. The earpads and head pads are suitable for children. They have a wireless Bluetooth connection and comes in attractive colors.

Design– these headphones are stylish, rugged, and are very comfortable when worn. The earpads are made of a soft touch breathable mesh to keep your ears warm. The earpads are made in a way that there is no way they can fall off. These headphones feature a USB cable for charging, a 4.5mm audio cable, and a user guide. The band is made of metal, and the earphone pieces are made of plastic. You can use a notched slider to adjust the ear pads. One of the ear pads contains volume controls and a power button. The same ear pad also has a 3.5mm headphone jack and a USB charging port.

They have a guarantee of 1 year. These headphones are suitable for children of 4- 12 years and are the best over ear headphones under 50.

Bluetooth enables you to use your audio device when you are 30 feet. Battery lasts for up to 10 hours for continuous usage. They also support HFP, HSP and A2DP/AVRCP profiles. You will also get a microfiber travel bag for carrying. These are best kids over-ear headphones.

  • They are very easy to set up
  • You can connect different audio devices
  • They offer an excellent sound
  • They are comfortable
  • They have a weak folding mechanism
  • The on and off buttons may be a bit hard to use
These headphones are suitable for small children, but that does not compromise their quality. The good thing is that they have a warranty of 1 year which means you will be refunded in case you are not comfortable. I also like the wireless connection which allows your kid to move when the headphones are not attached to an audio device.


bose soundlink around the ear

Design – These headphones are of two types. One is black with blue highlights, and the other one is white with tan highlights. The appearance is almost similar to other headphones from Bose. They are made of a durable material that is hard to break. The headphone may flatten out but will not collapse. They are also lightweight and comfortable.

Connectivity – It is very easy to connect them to various devices via Bluetooth. You can pair them with two devices at once. They also support HD voice to keep call quality good. It only has three buttons. The plus and minus buttons are used to adjust the volume. The rest of the operations are conducted through the multifunction button. You just need to tap this button once to pause or resume playback. To skip forward, you just tap twice. Tapping three times will jump backward.

Battery life– Bose gives you 15 hours of playback. The battery takes three hours to be charged fully.

Sound quality – These headphones are very clear. The lows are good enough, but the bass may not be pleasant. The quality of these headphones is great. They are the best over ear headphones under 300.

  • They are light and comfortable
  • Have a pleasant sound
  • They are easy to use
  • Noise cancellation is not okay.
These are comfortable and quality headphones which are very affordable. They are very easy to use which makes them easy to use.


  • They are very comfortable even when used for a long time
  • Over-ear headphones have an excellent sound quality
  • Over-ear headphones are good in noise isolation.
  • The headphone cushions are very easy to replace.  

There are two types of over-ear headphones. That is;

  1. Closed back headphones
  2. Open back headphones

The difference between these headphones is the venting of drivers. Closed back headphones drivers are located inside a close off earcup while in open back headphones have grills which allow air to pass through an electrostatic or planar driver.

Advantages of open back headphones

  • They have the best sound quality
  • They are lightweight since they don’t have outer cups. This means you can comfortably use them for long hours.
  • They allow your ears to breathe which means you don’t experience sweaty ears.
  • The planar driver of these headphones is more advanced 

Advantages of closed back headphones

  • They are able to isolate unwanted noise which makes them suitable for use in noisy environments.
  • Most of these headphones are portable and can be folded easily.
  • They have a great bass quantity. 


1. Earbud Headphones

These are very affordable though they do not have a quality sound as compared to others. They are not good at blocking out sound also. They are almost similar to in-ear headphones, but unlike the in-ear headphones, earbud headphones do not have a tip which you place inside the ear for better sound. You can place them at the center of your outer ear.


  • They are portable and lightweight
  • You can easily place them in your pocket.
  • They are affordable 


  • Their sound quality is not okay
  • No noise isolation
  • They can damage your ears when you use them for a long time
  • They are not long lasting
  • The wire can get damaged easily 

2. In-Ear Headphones

These are lightweight and portable. When buying these, it is good to select the ones with the best tip which fits your ear for better sound. In-ear headphones have excellent noise isolation. Most of them have an inbuilt remote mic and a remote control.


  • They are portable and lightweight.
  • You can easily place them in your pocket.
  • They are good in noise isolation. 


  • They are not s good as over-ear or on-ear headphones.
  • The wire can be destroyed quickly. 

3. On-Ear Headphones

These one have cups which you place on the ears. They are bigger than the in-ear headphones. Some models can be folded which makes them easier to carry. You should consider shape, size and model which will be comfortable for your ears. Look for a pair that fits properly. The cups should be placed correctly if you want to experience the best sound.


  • Some models can be folded easily which makes it easy to carry.
  • They have an excellent sound quality
  • They are more comfortable as compared to in-ear headphones and earbuds. 


  • They are not portable, and you cannot keep them in your pockets.
  • They may be difficult to wear for those who wear glasses. 

4. Wireless Headphones

They usually use Bluetooth technology to connect to various audio devices such as laptops, smartphones, television, and others. They do not use wires, and most of them use rechargeable batteries. Some models have an option of using a 3.5mm audio jack which allows you to use the headphones even if it has run out of power. You can also use the cable to connect to devices which are not Bluetooth enabled.


  • You can use them more freely since they don’t have wires.
  • The range allows you to connect to the device even from a far distant. 


  • You have to keep on charging since they use rechargeable batteries. 

5. Gaming Headsets

These are typically used for online gaming. Some models can be used for consoles, phones, and computers. They enhance your gaming experience. The features vary depending on the model. Some have a noise cancellation microphone which allows you to give instructions to your teammates without background noise.


  • Some have a 3.5mm audio jack which allows you to use the headphone to watch videos and listen to music.
  • You can disconnect the microphone when you don’t need it. 


  • They have a unique design and may not look appropriate when worn in public. 


  1. Sound quality –  This is one of the most important things you should check. Some headphones produce a certain range of audio sound. You can check the details from the product specs provided. It is also good to listen to through the headphones before buying.
  2. Portability and weight – If you are looking for best over ear headphones which you can use for long hours, consider those that are lightweight. It is also good to look for headphones that are easy to carry.
  3. Comfort – You should consider those that minimize pressure on your ears. The ear pads should be soft on your ears.
  4. Model- Headphones come in different designs depending on the various demands of the user. You can go for wired headphones since they have noise-canceling capabilities unlike most of the wireless headphones.
  5. Durability – Look for headphones that will last for a long time. The materials used to make the headphones should be of very high quality.
  6. Cable – Headphones usually have two types of connectors. The small one measures 3.5mm, and the larger one measures 6.3 mm. You should look for a suitable connector depending on the size of your headphones. You may also consider the 6.3 cables if the headphones are for home use.


You’ve learned a lot from the article. If you’ve been searching for quality over-ear headphones, you can now use the above information to make a decision on the one you should go for considering all the factors we’ve covered. You can also choose from those that we have reviewed since they are all best over ear headphones.

As we have seen Mpow Bluetooth Headphones Over Ear are the best headphone you can think of. This is because unlike others, these ones are lightweight, comfortable and their noise cancellation feature is perfect. It is very easy to connect them via Bluetooth. These headphones come with a carrying bag and they also allow you to make calls as you continue with other activities.

However, if you are not comfortable with these features you can still consider any of those we have reviewed. They all have fantastic features and are best over ear headphones 2018. Are you wondering where to get them? Don’t worry, you can order them online through the links provided. Make a decision now.






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