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There isn’t anything that can compare to the original sound of an acoustic piano. But today, the digital piano is capable of emulating the same sound with more accuracy. So if you are passionate about becoming a good pianist, you should have a digital instrument such as digital piano. A digital piano comes with a lot of modern enhancements like other voices, LED displays, headphone inputs, along with many other great features as well as settings for a more customized and convenient playing experience. But you can get these features only in a best digital piano.

Maybe you are thinking that you are used to playing those traditional pianos and now you have to learn the new way to play digital piano right? Don’t panic. A digital piano is similar to a traditional one. It is only the lighter and digital version of the traditional piano with similar keys, layout, and obviously sound action.

This digital piano is not only great for professionals but also great for new learners of all age even kids. But the one and the only problem is to find out the best digital piano that suits you and fulfill your all demands so that you can play the piano full confidently and comfortably.

In order to find the best piano that suits you, seek a portable, cost-effective, versatile, and technically latest and updated sound version that offers sound amplifiers, recording, connectivity and other great impressive features.

But you know current now; there are a lot of pianos available in the market. As a result, when you search for the best piano, you get thousands of result and get confused especially if you are a newbie in this sector.

Then what is the solution? How can you find out a best piano that can fulfill your all requirements?

To solve your problem, we have made a short list of best digital pianos that can suit you. If you don’t want to waste your money and don’t want to mess up around, have a look at our reviews. I am sure you will end up with choosing the one you are searching for.

best digital piano


This Casio PX-560 BE is one of the greatest as well as newest additions to the Privia PX series. It is a functional as well as portable stage piano that you can use both in stage and home. This Casio PX 560 BE has some unique features that you won’t find in any other pianos for sure.

This piano is one of the best piano with 88 weighted keys that come with Tri-Sensor Scaled Hammer Action II keyboard that offer you to experience authentic feel of the piano. The keys are heavier in the lower range and, on the other side, lighter on top.

Unlike other pianos, it features a 5.3 inches color display and easy to use interface that helps you to select function and instrument. With that, you can explore new sounds, new ideas and new ways to create music.

With its Linear Morphing technology, the user can create a smooth transition between louder and softer sound. Other than that, it has 256-note polyphony that makes the user tension free about dropped notes.

You will be wondered to know that it weighs only 26 pounds. That means you can carry this very easily. Other than that it has 1/4 inch inputs and outputs that give you a great connectivity for multi-keyboard rigs and PA systems.

In addition, this amazing piano has a lot of other features such as the ability of Hex Layer Synthesis, easy layers and splits, 96 high-Performance Registrations, modulation and Pitchbend wheels, two headphone outputs, standard and USB MIDI I/O, Stereo 1/8 inches audio input, 1/4 inches L/R outputs, 1/4 inches L/R inputs, it is an irres and many others. Overall, this Casio PX 560 BE is really worthy of your money.

[twrap] [tlc]
  • Attractive look
  • Portable
  • Weighted keys
  • Very responsive
  • Good quality sound
  • Offer you to experience the sound and feel of two different types of pianos simultaneously
  • Convenient for the concert, education, and studio recording
  • Very simple interface
[/tlc] [trc]
  • Plastic body
  • Contains unnecessary stuff
[/trc] [twrapend]


If you are looking for an excellent piano within a moderately tight budget, then this Yamaha P45 is the best option for you. Nowadays, this Yamaha P45 is very famous among the newbies as well as intermediate players for its price and simplicity.

Like the previous one of our list, this one is also an 88-key fully-weighted keyboard. And like the acoustic piano, this piano has softer touch in the high and heavier touch in the low which is the best for aspiring players for practicing and it helps to perform acoustic piano in future.

The Polyphony is the thing Yamaha develop in this model. It has 64-note polyphony where the previous model features 32-note polyphony. This allows its user to perform medium dense piano passages while pressing heavy sustain pedal.

One of the best things about this keyboard is that it has 10 voices. In addition, it uses Advanced Wave Memory which offers 2 great, realistic, and clear acoustic piano tones, 2 electric piano sounds, 2 harpsichord variations, 2 organ models, 1 strings patch and lastly the classic Yamaha vibraphone tone.

This Yamaha P-45 supports dual mode. That means you can be able to play with two different voices, for instance, piano and strings, to get a new experience. Also, this piano features USB to HOST port that allows users to interact and connect with a wide variety of music creation, educational, or any music entertainment applications on a mobile device or computer.

It’s common to think that with these so many features, this digital piano must be huge in size and heavy in weight but let me tell you that you are completely wrong. It is very much lightweight and at the same time, it is slim as well. Thanks to its advanced technology. All its amazing features have been compressed to its slim 52.2 x 11.5 x 6 inches body.

Overall, with this p-45 model, Yamaha has made a new step towards the creation of perfect entry level pianos. We can assure you that this piano can be the perfect piano for both newbies and intermediates players and this one is one of the best digital pianos with 88 weighted keys.

[twrap] [tlc]
  • Constructed strongly with well-made keys
  • The keys have amazing dust-resistance and traction features
  • 10 original voices for good quality basic music mixing and musical reproduction
  • Has very simple control that makes it easy to control for beginners
  • Has USB ports that allow users to connect to the laptop as well as other electronic accessories
  • Building nature and form factor make the piano easily transportable
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
[/tlc] [trc]
  • The foot pedal is feeble
  • The speakers are not sufficient enough for a large room
  • No inbuilt recorder
[/trc] [twrapend]


When Casio decided to stop producing their bestselling px-850 model, there a lot of anticipation has been making up to see if the company could produce any other 88 key piano or not. But finally, they have released Casio Privia PX-860 which has an attractive look and amazing performance. This new model piano has some changes to enhance performance.

This high-quality piano is heavy in weight. It weighs 90 pounds. So you can guess how big it is in size. This huge piano is 59 x 59 x 59 inches in size so you must need a big space to fit it. But this one is the best digital home piano in the market now. It comes with a full stand as well as built-in pedals to deliver deeper natural feel.

The best thing about this digital piano is it features classic 88 scaled, hammer-action keyboards. This keyboard produces such a melodious tone that you will fall in love with it. The ebony coupled with ivory keys adds an extra pleasant feel and makes the piano performance more natural.

This masterpiece is made for giving you the real feel of the acoustic piano and the sound quality will make you stunned. Just sit down in this majestic piano and just touch the ivory keyboard and you will feel the closest experience of an old-fashioned grand piano.

One of the most promising features of this piano is its addition to Hall simulation. As the name implies, it attaches a perfect hall effect which feels really amazing. What this feature does is that it helps the users to mimic as closely as possible to the sound that is generally obtained by playing in a ballroom or in a stadium or in a concert. Actually, this special feature makes this PX-860 better than other pianos that offer s little bit echo effects. In general, these types of effects are found in costly digital pianos.

This beautiful PX-860 comes in three colors. The most attractive and demanding black, graceful and decent white, and the woody brown color, and you can pick from any of these.

The advanced AIR technology contains an open lid which improves the sound projection to the manifolds. The advanced sound system uses four peculiar dynamics for the sound stimulation and it makes the output expressive.

And the most attractive part of this piano is that you do not have to buy any external sound speaker or sound system since the piano itself produces loud and powerful sound. Other than that, this Casio Privia PX-860 comes with powerful 4 –speaker sound system that delivers a clear and amplified output.

This could be the best choice for those who want to experience a grand piano feel. Just like the old traditional grand piano, it has lid cover that helps to cover the piano keys and keep the keys clean.

For the newbies, to learn to play, the digital piano comes with An Austin Bazaar instructional DVD. It helps the user to learn how to play the piano. In addition, it has Hundreds of Rhythms and Tones as well as versatile recording and exercise tools. So this also could be the best option for you if you are a newbie as well.

Overall, you will not find any other piano that can offer you such features and such acoustic and grand piano feelings. So if you really want a good piano, this one is for you.

[twrap] [tlc]
  • Compact built with strong and durable woods
  • Beautified with hammer weighted mechanism for amazing superior feel
  • The hood enhance the quality of the music
  • Simple control with headphone and USB option
  • Ebony and ivory keys
  • Easy to use
  • Realistic sound
  • Responsive action
[/tlc] [trc]
  • No LCD screen
  • Expensive
  • Relatively heavier
  • The baseboard is quite shaky
[/trc] [twrapend]


Korg brand, generally known for its affordable keyboard and pianos with high quality, is probably not as much famous as Yamaha or Casio. But trust me, this brand offers excellent pianos especially for beginners at an affordable price. They produce best cheap digital piano, but they assure quality always. You can get a perfect digital piano under $500 in this brand.

Korg B1SP is one of those pianos offered by Korg brand. It delivers rich and heavy tones which is similar to the acoustic piano. That means you will get the feeling of an acoustic piano while playing this one. In addition, it utilizes MFT (motional feedback technology) along with a whole range of speakers as well as a passive radiator to produce the luxurious and resonant tones.

This piano comes with 88 normal Weighted Hammer action keys that provide the player genuine experience of a traditional acoustic piano. The keys of this piano are lighter on the up-end and get heavier as they progress downwards. This is the same as an acoustic piano.

In addition, it has 8 digitally sampled voices and each one is a unique and high-quality sample to ensure its accuracy. It also features 120-note polyphony that allows users to play any complex pieces along with quick note repetition and without worrying about notes drop.

Other than that it has some other features like three pedals, furniture stand, piano bench, and many others. This one is an excellent piece for the starters without any doubt. The people who do not want to waste their money to buy a starter piano can buy this one without feeling hesitant.

[twrap] [tlc]
  • Portable
  • Strong construction
  • Superb for beginners
  • Fully weighted keyboard
  • Cozy chair at the right height
  • High-quality pedals
  • 8 authentic sounds
  • 18w speaker
[/tlc] [trc]
  • No USB terminal
  • The highest volume is not high enough
  • No playback/recording options
  • Not good for concert
[/trc] [twrapend]



We are back again with another Yamaha product. Actually, this brand produces such good products that we have to select from this brand.

This Yamaha Yamaha PSR-EW300 is a 76-key keyboard that is right in the middle spot of the 61-key keyboard and 88-key keyboard. 61-key keyboard is too small and 88-key keyboard is too big. Also, the keys are not weighted. Which that means is that the keyboard is so much portable and weighs only 26 pounds. So you can take it anywhere you want, anytime you want. Despite the lightness of the keys, the keys are very touch-responsive.

Like the original acoustic piano, the sound will be quieter when it is played softer and the sound will be louder when it is played harder. Yamaha utilizes the touch-responsive technology properly to give the user a really greater dynamic range and at the same time, it keeps the weight of the piano down, that allows more portability.

This piano is best for the newbies, especially for kids. It has a lot of features that help to learn how to play the piano. It features new Touch Tutor that assist to accomplish the lesson. And the Song Book contains not only the built-in Song’s musical scores but it also delivers tips for onboard lessons along with the images, glossary and many others.

Another important but fun feature is you can play with your most favorite songs. Just connect the portable player in order to listen to your favorite song through this instrument’s speakers. And play along and surely you will feel like you’ve already joined that band.

The best thing about this piano is that it has a USB cable to connect to your own computer and by that, you can download more songs from Yamaha to your own library.

Since this Yamaha PSR-EW300 focuses on education mode especially, we can say that it will be the best digital piano for the young student, or new musician, or someone who need a good digital piano with great portability.

[twrap] [tlc]
  • Very much Lightweight
  • Low price compare to similar products
  • Educational features
  • Has headphone port
  • Multi-functional display
  • 574 instrument Voices
  • High quality speaker system
[/tlc] [trc]
  • Shutting down is not automated
  • Keys are not actually fully weighted
  • No AC adapter
[/trc] [twrapend]


There were a lot of arguments against and for the digital piano. But you know this is the era of technology. So in recent years, the arguments against the digital piano are diminishing quickly.

The digital piano was first produced and introduced by the Yamaha Company as an alternative to the traditional acoustic piano in order to achieve portability and other benefits. But then the sound was not like the original acoustic piano. In addition, the touch and playing experience were not the same as real piano so the digital piano was being criticized. But that could not stop millions of people to buy digital pianos. Of course, there are some good reasons behind this right? Let’s see why you should buy a digital piano.

Less expensive

The digital pianos are less expensive than traditional acoustic pianos. In addition, the maintenance cost of digital pianos is also very low since there is no need for tuning. In an acoustic piano, you need to tune your piano constantly and it costs a lot.

Volume button

There is a volume button available in the digital piano. It helps you control the sound level. In addition, you can use headphones in digital a piano that allows you to play the piano anytime you want without disturbing anyone in your house.

Small sized

Traditional acoustic pianos are large in size and it takes a huge amount of place to be fitted. On the other hand, the digital pianos are small in size. As a result, it takes very small place. So you can set it wherever you want in your room or house.


Since most of the digital pianos are small in size and light in weight, it is easy to transport. You can take to anywhere you want and anywhere you need. There is no such system available in traditional acoustic pianos.


Most of the digital pianos have the capability of instant recording. That means you can record any tune you want instantly and convert that into mp3 format and share that in social media. It removes the necessity of expensive microphone as well as other recording instruments.

Learning mode

This one is the best reason to buy a digital piano. Nowadays learning playing piano is really a scary thing. If I ask you to guess how it would be like to learn a piano, what comes to your mind? An old school teacher type guru is teaching you millions of scales and hitting you on your hands with a ruler of wood if you mess up right? Digital piano solves this problem. It comes with learning mode by which you can learn to play without taking any help from any gurus.

Without these benefits, there are a lot of benefits of buying a digital piano that I haven’t mentioned. Overall, the digital piano is a very good option for anyone. I am not saying that digital piano is better than the traditional acoustic piano but as you can see, a digital piano wins everywhere. So you should definitely choose a digital piano over acoustic piano since you can get the experience of using both digital and acoustic piano if you buy a digital piano.


Finding the best digital piano is not so easy especially if you are a newbie in this sector because current now the market is flooded with a lot of brands and different types of digital pianos. Don’t panic. I am the rescue here. Read the buying guide and you will get a clear idea what features should be included in a good digital piano.

Number of keys

This is an important thing you need consider when it comes to digital piano. The number of keys varies from 25 keys to 88 keys. Depending on the use you can choose which one you need. The people who are serious in learning piano should buy an 88-key piano. Though the lower key piano is easy to learn, you need to upgrade it in future. So it is better to buy an 88-key piano first.

The sound that the key produce

You need to be careful about the sound of the key while choosing best digital piano. Most of the people ignore this thing. But actually, it is very much important because the music you are going to produce depends on the sound that the key of your digital piano produces.

Weighted/semi-weighted keys

The quality of the tone produced by the weighted/semi-weighted keys is another point you should consider when buying a digital piano. Maybe you know a best digital piano should have weighted keys. Weighted keys mean the tone of the keys depends on how you press them. Though weighted keys pianos are a little bit costly sometimes compared to the semi-weighted keys pianos but trust me, it is worthy of it.


Most of the digital pianos feature MIDI performance system. What this feature does is that it allows you to connect the pianos to the different musical instruments or even your computer. You can also download and add additional music and software to your piano by this feature. So check this feature is presented or not in the piano you are going to buy.

Price and the brand reputation

It is really important to consider the price. Remember, you do not have to spend a lot of money to buy a digital piano. You can find a best one within a reasonable and moderate price. But before purchasing, check the brand reputation. A good brand always assures you good quality.

Other than these, you need to check the quality of the display, amplification process, speaker quality, and polyphony. Only then you will be able to purchase the best digital piano.

Advantages of playing piano

There are a lot of advantages of playing the piano. But I am going to mention only a few of them.

Develop the body

Maybe you are thinking that you play piano by sitting down on a bench and how this help to improve the body, but research shows that the lessons of piano for the older adults people have a serious impact on increased the levels of  HGH (Human Growth Hormone), that slows the converse effects of aging. Furthermore, playing regular piano can develop hand-eye coordination as well as improves fine motor skills. Also, the music help to reduce anxiety and stress of your life. Isn’t it beneficial for your health?

Sharpen the mind

Piano also improve the intellectual abilities and sharpen the mind which makes you smarter and helps your brain to use the unused part of the brain. In addition, playing piano helps to improve the memory especially verbal memory. A study shows that the people who have played piano in childhood can remember 20% more vocabularies than other people. Not only that but also it helps you to build up the habits such as focus, diligence, perseverance, and creativity.

Strengthen the muscle of the hand

When playing the piano you should maintain the right posture of your hand and use the right-hand position makes your hands stronger. Even when you will grow older, your hand remains stronger than others.

Improve social participation

When you play the piano in front of the society, you will find out that your network will grow up. And performing in front of people is a great capability of a person. Through this, you can share your skills with other people and it will help to boost your confidence as well.

In all honesty, there are more benefits of playing piano such as it improves language skills, classroom skills, helps the children to accept criticism graciously and many others.


Q: I am a newbie, how long will it take to be a good pianist?

A: Well, that is a very common question and I think every newbie has this question in his mind.

Actually, it depends on few factors. The first factor is how much time you are going to put on practice. The more time you put the quicker you learn. But one thing I want to mention that it is better to break up your practicing time into smaller sessions rather than practicing the whole day.

Another factor is what is good for you I mean what do you consider as good? I am asking this because some people consider that being able to play one song is good. On the other hand, some people think being able to perform in the concert is good.

So what is your consideration? If you want to play piano for yourself then it will take around 2-3 years to be good at it. You will be able to play some songs and melodies by this time. But if you want to perform on the stage in a concert then you need at least 10-12 years and a lot of practice and hard work. But don’t be afraid. If you have the passion for it, go for it.

Q: Do I need a teacher to learn piano?

A: Honestly, if you want to be a good pianist you must need a teacher. There are no alternatives to the real live teacher. You can find a lot of courses, methods on online but trust me, dear, those are not going to help. Why? You cannot show anyone your skills online and as a consequence, you cannot fix your errors you make during your performance. In addition, you are not able to analyze your performance right? So you must need an expert who can analyze your performance and assist you to make your performance better.

But if your goal is to play piano for fun then there is no need to hire any teacher. You can find a lot of courses online and you can find guide manual with your digital piano by which you can learn the basic.

Q: My hands are smaller; will I be able to play the piano?

A: Yes, you are able to play the piano. There are a lot of people out there who are able to play piano with their smaller hands.

Q: I am over 70. Am I too old to play the piano?

A: No, you are not too old.

Q: I am now having trouble with playing my hands together. Is something wrong with my hands?

A: No, this is a very common problem for beginners. I think every beginner faces this problem. This is the toughest time a pianist face during his whole career. And you are going to that time. So don’t worry. There is nothing wrong with your hands. Just have patience and continue your practice.

Q: Why the scales are important?

A: well, most of the people do not want to do scales. They think it is boring. It might be boring but trust me, doing scales are important. Doing scales is like going to the gym. It helps to strengthen your figures. And when you have stronger fingers, you can be able to play harder. You will be able to show your friends how harder you can play the piano. So even if it is boring, do it. You will definitely thank me later for this advice for sure.


If you are looking for the best digital piano in the market these are the pianos that are leading the market. But always remember one thing; the best digital piano varies from person to person. What that means is that the piano that is best for your friend might not be the best for you. So choose the one that best suits you.

We always recommend people to take time before buying these types of valuable thing. I know that you are excited to buy your new piano but taking some time before buying will help you choose the best one. A lot of people make this mistake and finally they suffer for this. So take your time, research well and then go for the one you fall in love with.

I hope you will pick the right one for you within your budget from our list. Best of luck.






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