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It’s no doubt your vehicle would come with a car alarm system but would you really trust your vehicle’s security and protection to that factory-fitted system that is best at blaring off a siren and arousing the whole neighborhood even at the touch of a leaf. Personally, I’d rather not. As of today, there are some advanced and dedicated security systems that would easily fit in with the best car alarm system and the security guarantee for your vehicle.

In today’s article, we’ll be discussing all the details about this and we’ll conclude by giving you an expo of our very own top recommendations of the best performing car security systems. So sit back and get set as we take you on a journey through security sophistication and guarantee. But before we proceed, let’s have a little discussion on why you’ll ultimately need a top-class alarm and security system for your vehicle. So, why should you really need a security system fitted into your automobile?


If you are wondering whether or not you need an alarm system for your vehicle, take a moment to soak this in;

  • Almost 6 Billion dollars in vehicle value is lost to motor vehicle theft annually
  • One motor vehicle is stolen every 45 seconds in the US
  • California, Florida, Texas, Illinois, Georgia, Arizona, Colorado, Ohio, Michigan, and Washington, all make the top ten of states in the US with the most incidence of car theft. (

So, do you still wonder if you really need a car alarm? Car theft and attempted break-ins could happen depending on various circumstances. While your factory-fitted alarm system may successfully scare off an amateur rogue, the sophisticated professionals would face little hurdle trying to dismantle the system. With many options available for vehicle owners today, there‘s no reason you wouldn’t want to go for the best car alarm system to help you securely protect your car and give you great peace of mind while also offering a few added fancy features here and there, technology is good, no doubt!


You’ve got a whole lot of options to choose from. There are different options in the market with a different level of sophistication and reliability. While picking up just anyone’s system is not enough, you’d want to make sure you’re getting the very best. How then do you arrive at this? It shouldn’t really be a problem if you know what you should look for. This part of our discussion will help you narrow down your options so you can easily choose the best car alarm system to add a strong layer of security to your automobile.


The first and most important thing is the feature. There are several security as well as convenience features you may want to check out in your system. The major security features you should look out for includes;

Alarm noisemaker: this feature is the most basic of most car security systems and would usually blare and direct attention to the vehicle in case of any intrusion or attempt to break in.

Car location: this feature is in the form of a panic button that turns on the car alarm if you are not really sure of where your car is. Like for example, you’re at an event with lots of cars parked and have forgotten which row you parked. You can simply use this feature to turn on the alarm while you can follow the sound of the blaring siren.

Along with these two, there a host of other features for security and convenience among which are the keyless entry feature, the remote start, trunk release, two-way pager, automatic window roll-up, immobilizer, and much more. Along with the basic security features, some of these extra features may be the deciding factor you’ll need to choose between two closely competing products.


When you have a strong car security system without being able to easily access it, it’s just as good for nothing. For some security systems, the distance may be a barrier and so you should look for a system that would still work fine even at a good distance. There are some that are still effective whenever the car is within two miles. Strength is another thing that has to be just right because the signal would usually have to penetrate through walls, other cars, trees, and other strong barriers. It helps with added convenience when your system can easily penetrate barriers to carry out instructions.


While some alarm systems would usually work with all make and model of vehicles, so do not work with a specific type. Of course, you don’t want to spend a fortune purchasing a system that won’t work with your car. So check out with the manufacturer to see if the system is compatible with your vehicle before you make the jump.




Product Overview

The Clifford 5906X Security System with Remote Start may be one of the most expensive car alarm security systems today but it also holds the title for the best high-end car alarm system. If you want something with an extra layer of security, reliability, and an overall best car alarm system from a reliable brand, then this security system from Clifford may as well be the missing puzzle you’ve been trying to find. It’s got great features along with a premium performance that makes the product worth every penny it costs.

Product Highlights

The Clifford 5906X Car Security System comes with a long operating range of one mile over which it can easily transmit signals and commands from the vehicle to the remote transmitter. The display is a sleek OLED display with which it can receive real-time alerts of notifications as regards the status of the car. There is the remote start feature which is great for starting the engine without a car to prepare the interior to your taste even before you start your ride. The system also has features for trunk release and downloading the ‘’SmartStart’’ smartphone app gives you added functionality to control your vehicle even without the key fob. This is arguably the best aftermarket car alarm system your money can buy you.

  • Excellent security and convenience features
  • Long operation range of 1 mile
  • Sleek OLED display for notifications
  • Compatible with a smartphone app for more functionality
  • It is pricey and more expensive than most other models


Product Overview

The superb Viper 5706V is the best car alarm system with a remote start feature. The security system offers you a great level of security, control, and convenience. Although you’ll find it in a price range higher than most other car alarm systems, the Viper 5706V is still loved by many for its various security and convenience features. it provides users a kind of comprehensive alerts and notifications and even incorporates suitability with Viper SmartStart, a GPS tracking feature that can help track down your vehicle in the case of a carjacking accident.

Product Highlights

The system features a two-way responder LC3 remote with a mile-long range and an LCD screen with which you easily get to read priority alerts. It charges via USB and is really intuitive. With the SmartStart compatibility, you get the added feature of GPS tracking and the app can be used easily to trace the car in the event of car theft. The intuitive remote of this car alarm security system also has keyless entry and trunk opening features. Although this may not really be a security need, it still makes the experience better as convenience gets a boost.

  • Superb control and convenience
  • Top-notch security guarantee
  • LCD screen for alerts and notifications
  • Compatible with Viper ‘’SmartStart’’ for GPS Tracking feature
  • Installation is a bit difficult and you may need an installer


Product Overview

The Python brand of security products is reputed for its quality and reliability. This particular Python 5706P Responder LC3 SST is a car alarm and security system designed with the purpose of bringing safety, comfort, and convenience to the average car owner. The 2-way system ensures you get real-time notifications whenever an intrusion or attempt to tamper with your car happens.

Product Highlights

The Python 5706P; has a long one-mile range within which it will effectively function with the remote. The remote in itself is an intuitive and attractive piece with an LCD screen on which you will be able to view priority alerts and notifications. The remote is stylish and the display is probably the thinnest remote display on car alarm systems. The sleek remote is able to confirm commands by displaying texts, icons, as well as through texts and vibrations.

  • Excellent keyless entry feature
  • Onboard stinger remote-adjustable shock sensor for more security
  • Powerful battery with any USB port charging compatibility
  • Sleek user interface with a 5-button layout and easy 2-car operation
  • High security level with the remote as it can also notify car owners of security intrusion with tones, text, vibration, and icon display.
  • It lacks compatibility with smartphones and so you cannot turn your phone into a key so you could remotely
  • Start your car with your phone.


Product Overview

The Viper 3400V is another great car alarm system by Viper. Along with Python, Viper produces some of the best security products and this particular product is arguably the best inexpensive car alarm system you can buy right now. The system combines simplicity with affordability. Sticking to the basics, the Viper 3400V will provide you with all the basic features you’ll require to keep your automobile safe and secured. This means you only get what you need and by so doing, the price has been successfully kept at the barest minimum.

Product Highlights

The 3—channel one-way security system comes with a slew amount of features despite keeping it simple. Among this is the keyless entry feature which allows you access to your vehicle without the need for a key. There is also a stinger DoubleGuard shock sensor which makes a sound whenever there is a security intrusion after which it can then set the alarm off with further violations.  There is also a bright blue LED that helps to scare intruders and provide car owners information as regards their car. There is also a panic mode call which will be triggered by the alarm from security violations calling attention to the vehicle. Along with these is another feature known as the revenge six-tone Soft-chirp siren and parking light alarm response, useful if you’re trying to locate where you parked your car.

  • Great keyless entry feature
  • Superb for keeping intruders away
  • Retails at an incredibly affordable price
  • Cannot be integrated with smartphone


Product Overview

The EASYGUARD EC003 Smart Key Car Alarm System is among the few quality and affordable car alarm systems on the market. It is a simply designed system with a not-so-simple security and protection attribute. The EASYGUARD EC003 Smart Key is equipped with some of the most sophisticated security features you’ll see in a basic car alarm system. Despite being an incredibly affordable product, this is still within the range of the best mid-range car alarm systems available on the market today.

Product Highlights

The EASYGUARD EC003 Smart Key has certain features that do not only guarantee you maximum security but also a great convenience to the user. The Passive Keyless Entry feature is one of such standpoints as it allows you access to your car’s trunks, door, and engine without the need for key access. The alarm system is compatible with any vehicle specification as long as it is a DC12V car. Remote start features, as well as trunk release further, adds to the convenience and security level of the EASYGUARD EC003 Smart Key Alarm System. There is also an automated central locking system, a panic mode feature as well as emergency override disarming.

  • Suitable with all DC12 car types
  • Passive keyless entry gives you easy access to lock or unlock car doors
  • Remote start feature helps you with starting your car even with considerable distances apart
  • Comes with two different key fobs
  • Does not have LCD display, hence no notification or alert
  • Cannot be integrated into smartphone app for more effectiveness


Product Overview

It is not every day you’ll see a great product like the Avital 3100LX 3-Channel Keyless Entry Car Alarm retailing at a very low price. Despite ranking among the best in terms of car security and protection as of today, this Avital 3100LX is still one of the best today. Not only is it among the best but it is arguably the best-seller. While we’ll call it the best budget car alarm system, it still has a place in the league of the best all-around value car alarm if you’re looking to get the bang for your buck.

Product Highlights

The 3-channel security system is equipped with the basics of modern-day security technology. It comes equipped with a bright red LED status indicator along with parking light flash. The security system also comes with two 3-button transmitters and a dome supervision feature whose relay would be required separately. The system comes with two separate remote controls and a failsafe starter kill that is very beneficial in preventing car theft through hot wiring

  • The bright-red LED indicator serves as a visual deterrence mechanism to car rogues
  • The failsafe starter kill is useful in preventing car theft and break-ins
  • The system retails at an incredibly low price offering users a bang for their buck
  • Unlike most other alarm systems, the only problem we seem to have with the Avital 3100LX is its lack of clear instructions and guidelines as to how to set up and install the system. This would usually mean you’ll need to hire a technician to fix the system for your use.


Product Overview

Car alarm systems, especially those with the remote start feature are excellent and are highly sought-after. One of the major problems of these gadgets is that you’ll often have to spend reasonable bucks to get a really great system. So, when you get a really good system retailing at a lower mid-range price like this Prestige Audiovox APS997E Car Alarm System, it is an absolute steal. That is the true story of this car security system we are about to review because right now, it is probably the best budget car alarm system on the market.

Product Highlights

So, aside from the affordability, does the Prestige APS997E shine in any way? Of course, many ways! The system is a 2-way system with many features that range from keyless entry, starter kill switch, various start mode options, multi-tone siren, active-passive door lock systems, built-in LED light, along with a glass-mounted antenna.  The alarm system is programmable for up to two cars, another feature that makes it one of the best all-around value car alarm as well as being among the best multiple vehicle car alarm system.

  • LCD display for two-way notification
  • Keyless entry for convenience
  • Affordable and valuable
  • Handy intrusion alert feature guards against theft
  • The display is dim and so may pose a problem reading notifications in the dark
  • Also, the remote controller cannot be locked and so the key may be susceptible to accidental pressing though this is not that much of a problem.


Product Overview

The Python 4806P LED with Remote Start System is another excellent choice of car alarm security system with which you can up your car’s security and convenience. It’s packed with lots of features and has a great performance that made it a contender in our review in search for the best car alarm systems for top-notch security. It is can easily pass for the best mid-range car security system and retails at a reasonable price with its many security and convenience features.

Product Highlights

The system has an excellent remote start feature along with a two-way paging feature that notifies you of the status of your vehicle. It also has a one-mile-long operation range, a keyless entry feature, and 4 auxiliary outputs for more remote triggers and added functionality. The Python 4806P is well-stocked with features and is currently among the best mid-range car alarm system on the markets.

  • Keyless entry feature
  • 2-way communication
  • Affordable pricing
  • Long operation range
  • Remote start feature
  • It is not compatible with the ‘’SmartStart’’ smartphone app


Product Overview

This low-priced security system offers the user an affordable means to enjoy top security and peace of mind. Rather than miss out on security protection because of a tight budget, the Crimestopper SP-302 SecurityPlus 2-Way Deluxe Alarm/Keyless Entry System offers budget shoppers an easier way to get significant security without breaking the bank. It will surprise you that the system has loads of useful features despite this inexpensive price.

Product Highlights

The Crimestopper SP302 is a 2-way security system offering users up to 3000ft in connection range. Although the system retails at an incredibly affordable price, it is not a walkover as it has other great features that include a keyless entry feature, trunk release feature, a dual-stage shock sensor feature, 120dB sire, starter kill output feature, as well as LCD display for 2-way communication. Other useful features include the priority unlock feature, amongst others.

  • Cool keyless entry feature
  • Great value for your money
  • The unit seems very small and nice
  • Excellent 2-way car alarm
  • USB rechargeable remote
  • Bright LED on the alarm
  • The keys on the remote are not recessed and so are prone to accidental arming or disarming
  • The alarm is only suitable for closed kill switches


Product Overview

The CompuSTAR CS700-AS Car Alarm & Remote Starter System rounds off our review of the best car alarm systems. This alarm system is arguably most affordable today and despite this, it still has enough features to give it a performance that we’ll be talking about. Some of the key points involve the 6-tone siren feature, the four-button transmitter with LED light to make viewing easier in dimly lit places along with a decent 1000ft range of operation.  Some other features also include the trunk release feature as well as separate lock and unlock feature together with the cold or hot start.

Product Highlights

There are a decent number of highlights that would make the CompuSTAR CS700-AS Car Alarm & Remote Starter System ideal for your car’s security responsibility, and normally for most people, the admiration would start from the remote start feature. The remote start feature lets you start your car’s engine even when you are inside your house or office without the need to step into your car.  The keyless entry is also another great feature and with this, one can easily lock or unlock car doors without even using a key.

The alarm system in the CompuSTAR CS700-AS features a dual-stage shock sensor which triggers the alarm in the event of any intrusion. The starter kill feature will also prevent your car from starting once the alarm is armed. Another cool feature is the horn honk feature which can help you locate your car if you’re having the problem remembering the exact spot you parked it. The feature allows you to initiate the horn of your vehicle remotely to follow the direction of the sound to locate it. There is also an Aux mode feature which you can use to customize the system to control other systems such as the radio.

  • Incredibly affordable
  • Can be programmed easily
  • Suitable and compatible with many car types
  • The remote is nice and attractive and also easy to use
  • Killswitch feature provides maximum security against theft when the alarm is armed
  • Unlike some types, the system can only be used on one vehicle
  • An amateur will find it really uneasy to install


There is nothing to replace a standard car security and alarm system and you’ll be doing yourself a lot of good by choosing a very good system such as any of the best car alarm systems reviewed above. In this, there is no winner. Your final choice will largely be a matter of choice and preference as factors such as features and budget would help you make your decision. If budget is not a restriction, the Clifford 5906X 2-Way Security System is a great choice and it is the Best Smartphone Integrated Car Alarm. The CompuSTAR CS700-AS is also another system with a modest pricing and excellent features. It’s still a deal too. 



People often ask me the cities with the most incidences of car thefts in the United States and I will put it to you that Spokane, Fresno, Milwaukee, Stockton, Bakersfield, Modesto, and the others are prone to the higher incidence of car theft based on reliable statistics. The states of California, Texas, and Florida take the lead in here and it is therefore important that the public citizens in these areas, as well as every other place, learn the simple tips that can help guard their valuable properties against automobile theft.

Keep track of your keys

You don’t want to offer yourself to carjackers and rogues all too easily by being careless with your car keys. Always ensure your keys are secured and in sight at all times.

Park intelligently

You don’t want to park just anywhere and anyhow. Find the best place to park where you won’t be glaringly at the risk or car theft or break-in.

Valuables should not be left lying around

You’re inviting criminals if you leave valuables lying around in your car. Leaving valuables like mobile phones, currency bills, jewelry and more is not proper and should be avoided.

Use an anti-theft device

Now, this is where the issue of the best car alarms and security comes into play. While carefully observing the simple tips and guidelines proposed above, you’ll be adding an extra layer of security by installing an anti-theft device on your vehicle. In the next part, we’ll briefly discuss how you can install a car alarm system into your car.


Although most people would rather have technicians install these systems for them, the installation of alarm systems is something that can be done easily as you would a DIY project. The toughest part of the job would normally be the part where you’ll have to open the wiring harness behind the steering column. You’ll have to slide the seat backward, open the door widely and twist yourself into position. If you’re the flexible type, this is not something you can’t do. You’ll only need a little understanding of your car’s electrical wiring.

Out of the box

So basically, when you open your package after the delivery, you’ll have a package that would likely include a control box, the siren, starter key relay, shock sensor, LED indicator, wiring harness, and keyring remote. And this all depends on your alarm system type, some of these might be combined into a single unit. For example, some car alarm system may integrate the siren into the shock sensor. You can also decide to add other components if you’d want to do so.

Tools you’ll need

First, you’ll need a wiring diagram for your vehicle. This will help you identify what color of wires you are looking for and where they may be, and you can easily find this wiring diagram in workshop manuals. Other tools you’ll need includes a multimeter with test probes, screwdrivers, electric drill, pick tools, wire strippers, cable ties, pliers, a headlight device or strong light source, electrical tape, and either of soldering iron, T-taps, and heat shrink sleeving depending on how you plan to join your wire connections although soldering appears to the best method.

Mounting the alarm

This process is sequential and we’ll take one step after the other. So, depending on the design of your system, you’ll have to mount two or three pieces. The pieces would include the siren, the controller, and in some cases, a shock sensor. While you’ll be mounting the shock sensor to a rigid surface such as underneath the kick panel, you’ll have to mount the siren under the hood with a wire fed through to the controller.

You’ll have to mount the controller in close proximity to the wiring harness of the ignition. This should be done as you’d have to connect it to three wire connections in the harness. The first is a 12V constant that is always on, the second is the ignition wire, and then the starter wire as the third.  Most alarms can usually be connected to the trunk and hood opening doors. You may add these if you don’t have them already.

We’ll simply discuss the step-by-step process of mounting these devices below. It’s almost the same process if you’re also looking to install a remote start. Remember to first put off the battery before you start the installation process to avoid any short-circuiting issue.

Mounting the Siren

You’ll first have to find a suitable mounting space for this underneath the hood. Place the siren pointing down to avoid water getting into it. Drill the holes to be used for mounting and then fit in the siren. Thread the wires through to the cabin. If the instruction manual demands that you create a ground underneath the hood, you should do this too.

Mounting the Control Box

The control box usually mounts under the steering column close to the ignition harness and the fuse box. If the alarm has a different ignition key relay, you can mount it here too.

Start by removing the plastic trims as well as metal brackets that may affect the mounting. If there are airbags here too, be sure to handle them with care. Next, join the wiring harness of the alarm to the controller and connect the siren. Find out which ignition wire you should connect to, you may test this out with the multimeter. Be sure to solder each wire to the right wire from the controller. Cover up the soldering with electrical tape and be sure to connect any ground wire in the alarm harness to the vehicle body.

Next, fix the ignition kill relay and make the right connections, you can then mount the control box and relay.

Door and hood switch connection

Having the alarm sound and blare when doors get opened is only possible by tapping into the wire connections from the door switch. You’ll usually find these behind kick panels. Though the wire color will be indicated in the manual, you can still confirm the right one with your multimeter.

Mounting other components

You can also fix other components at this point. Your alarm system may have a proximity sensor or LED indicator and any other component. You can follow the instruction in the box to fit these at this point. You can also fit your lights to the system so the flashing of lights can make it easier to know which vehicle is being tampered with. You’ll usually see instructions in the manual as to how you can connect these wires as laid out in the instructions to the controller.

Mounting the remote start

You can as well fit in a remote start following the same processes of installing the alarm controller. This would usually go under the steering column, connected to the ignition harness. You’ll still need the multimeter to find the needed wires, the constant 12V, running circuit, cranking circuit as well as the accessories. The remote starter kit would also contain instructions on how to connect this in a similar way to the alarm controller.

Testing the system

Once done with the whole mounting process, it’s better to check the system for smooth operation to ensure things work as they should. Reconnect the battery and go on to initiate the alarm. You can also check the remote starter this way to make sure the system runs smoothly.

If there is any problem, there may have been due to the wrong connection. Run a check to ensure everything had been fitted as laid out in the instruction manual. If you cross-check everything and still the system fails to run, you may go ahead to contact support to clarify and resolve the issue.


Regardless of the type of car, you drive or the location where you reside, having a quality security system in the form of a car alarm is the best investment towards keeping your car and valuables safe. If you are like me and would like to have peace of mind along with great convenience, I’d rather invest a few dollars to safeguard my vehicle. Do not wait to let the unexpected happen. Take action today! Choose your choice from any of the best car alarm systems above and you never can tell just when it will save the day.

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