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If you have been searching for the best boxing gloves, I am sure you will agree with me that searching for the best glove may be a bit challenging due to the variety of gloves available. There are so many brands with different styles to choose from. For you to get the best, you can narrow down the search to specific features. This will help to get exactly what you are looking for. To make your search easier, this boxing glove buyer’s guide will help you immensely to make a decision on the best glove you can buy today. You will also learn some of the basic things you should know about boxing gloves. Read on.


#1. All-purpose Boxing Training Gloves:

As the title implies, this glove does exactly that. These are the very versatile glove and are ideal for beginners. They are very easy to use and very affordable. They are some of the best boxing gloves for Beginners

#2. Competition gloves:

These are available in two models;

  • The Amateur Boxing Gloves

    – These amateur boxing gloves only allowed in a sparring match. They enable you to strike quickly but they are not heavily padded. They only protect the user.

  • Professional Competition Boxing Gloves

    – Just like amateur boxing gloves, these have a thin padding and are made to hurt your opponent. You should wear these in professional matches only.

#3. Sparring gloves:

These are well-padded and offer support to the user. They provide protection especially when you are doing strenuous and prolonged exercises. The best sparring gloves enable you to remain mobile when throwing quick punches. You need sparring gloves when practicing with a live human opponent.

#4. Bag boxing gloves:

The most recent version of bag boxing gloves is very protective and well padded. These are superb in offering protection and support to the user. They are some of the best gloves for beginners. You should avoid the traditional version of these gloves. Since they a.,/re fragile and are only meant to protect your skin from tearing. They do not offer support and protection which means it is very easy to sustain an injury when you are using them. In addition, you cannot use bag boxing gloves for sparring. They are among the best boxing gloves under 100.

#5. Cardio or Aerobic gloves:

These are the best handmade boxing glove you can buy today but they are of very low quality. You can only use them when doing exercises. They offer poor protection to the user can be destroyed quickly. A pair of bag boxing gloves are better than these gloves. You should avoid them as much as possible. They are some of the best choice boxing gloves for training. Due to their quality, they are the cheapest.


Boxing gloves come in different sizes that are ideal for everyone. There are gloves for men, women, and children. Men’s gloves are the largest while women’s and children’s gloves are very flexible. For you to determine the best size, you need to consider these factors.

  • The size of the user
  • Type of glove
  • Type of competition
  • Fighting organization

When choosing the best fit for you, make sure they are not tight. If you are experiencing discomfort in your hands or fingers, you should consider a larger type of gloves. A fitting glove should also allow you to wrap your hand without any discomfort. This makes it easier to punch and strike. It is good to first determine the various available before making a decision.


  1. Material -There are different materials used in the manufacture of boxing gloves. Some materials are meant for specific activities only. For example, leather gloves are the best for expert coaching. Gloves made from leather are more expensive as compared to others since they are durable and gives them an edge over other materials.
  2. Glove sizes– Boxing gloves come in different sizes and to get the best; the type of glove you pick should fit you well. A fitting glove makes you comfortable even when punching.
  3. Price – Some boxing gloves may have a beautiful appearance and may be very cheap. You should avoid them. Because most of them are poorly made or are made up of inferior materials. Most of them are not durable.
  4. Color– The color of your glove matters. Some colors are very easy to see, and such are the best for sparring seasons. Light colors like blue, green, and white may be simpler to see. They are easier to see in training grounds where light is insufficient.




These are made of leather and are an excellent choice. If you are looking for a quality glove, you can use it for training. They come in different weights and consist of an attached thumb for safety.  There are the 12 oz gloves and the 6 oz gloves. They also have a mesh palm which allows them to dry fast. The wrists wraps are a bit short which makes it difficult to wear them. The 12 oz gloves have thicker padding as compared to the 16 oz gloves.

Quick drying

These are unique since they contain mesh palms which allows them to dry quickly. You should not zip them tightly when placing them in a bag if you want them to dry fast. You can also dry them using boot dryers, baking soda, or glove dog.


Everlast Pro style gloves made of leather. Which makes them durable. However, they are a bit expensive as compared to others due to their quality. The material also prevents them from wear and tear. They are some of the best boxing gloves for training.

  • Durable
  • Dry fast
  • They have an attached thumb
  • They come in different sizes so you can choose the best
  • Wrist wrap is short which makes them hard to wear



Twins special boxing gloves made of leather and have triple-layer protection. They have an outer layer, a middle layer, and an inner layer that wraps your knuckles. Twins thick padding ensures you are well protected. When striking and punching.

Most Twin boxing gloves have Velcro wrist fasteners which makes them easy to wear and remove. When fighting, you should ensure that the Velcro is tight to prevent cutting your opponent due to the sharp edges. They also have a vent or air mesh to enhance breathability. Some models come in different colors and styles.


These are made of pure leather which makes them durable. Apart from that, they do not tear easily. Due to these features, they are known to be among the best boxing gloves you should consider.

  • Long lasting
  • Have a thick padding consisting of 3 layers
  • They have an air mesh for natural drying
  • They are expensive



These one are some of the best boxing gloves you can buy today. Venum Giant made in Thailand. And it made of pure leather. Unlike others, Venum Giant 3.0 has a smooth inner lining which helps to keep the moisture away. They have a beautiful and a modern appearance.

Prevents injury

A good boxing glove should prevent you from being injured; Venum Giant3.0 is one of the best in that. It has a triple layer padding which helps to boost protection of your thumb, phalanges, and metacarpals. It also has an additional padding above the wrist cuffs.

Stabilizes your wrist

You should look for a boxing glove that is intact and which does not move around. Stable boxing gloves allow you to give your best performance since they are very comfortable. This also allows you to concentrate while you are in the ring. This boxing glove contains a wide Velcro closure system which allows you to make adjustments. They are the best Muay Thai boxing glove.

  • They are comfortable when worn
  • Have a thick padding
  • Venum Giant 3.0 are durable
  • It has a Velcro closure system which keeps it in place
  • It has a powerful shock absorption which helps to reduce impact

  • You may need some time to get used to these gloves
  • Venum are expensive


Boxing gloves are a major investment. It is good to look for something that will keep you comfortable and protected. You should consider your needs and look for gloves that will help you achieve your goals. Doing this helps you excel in training and in various competitions. You can consider those factors we have mentioned to ensure you get exactly what you are looking for.

If you have not yet decided on the best boxing glove to buy, you can consider those we have reviewed. They are the best quality gloves you can buy today.



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