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You don’t need to buy any smart lock if you are 100% sure that you will never leave your keys behind in home if you are 100% sure that no stranger will ever come to your home if you are sure that no one will ever break your lock.

If you are not sure and think that these things might happen to you then you should take a smart lock like the August smart lock 2nd generation. With this smart lock, you do not even have to replace your existing lock, just need to change hardware from the inside of your home. No one outside the home will understand outside the home that you have a smart lock which will ensure you more security.


The August smart lock comes with a heavy, attractive package where you will find a manual for the lock, the mounting accessories for different kinds of door lock models, and of course the gorgeous silver color smart lock.

The reputable August brand, which was established 5 years ago, design its smart lock in such a way that it adjusts with any kind of door and looks dashing. In addition, the dimensions of the August smart lock is 3.4 x 3.4 x 2.2 inches which makes it easier to adjust with the door smoothly.

The best and unique part about this 13.9 ounces 2nd generation August smart lock is that it has 4.0 Bluetooth which enables the lock to lock the door when you are 10-20 meters away from your home and unlock your door when you are at home or 5-10 meters close to home.

However, some customers experience signal errors. In that case, you need an additional connect Wi-Fi Bridge from August. This will enable your lock to be connected with your smartphone via wife. The widget supports Alexa, Google assistance, Apple Homekit, and many other smart devices.

[twrap] [tlc hltext=”Pros of August smart lock”  lhbcolor=”#00bf08″]
  • Good looking
  • Easy to install
  • Your mobile phone is the key
  • Can monitor your home from away
  • It provides access to others, not the keys
  • Auto lock when you are away and unlock when you are home
[/tlc] [trc hrtext=”Cons of August smart lock”  rhbcolor=”#bf000a”]
  • Little bit expensive
  • Need extra gadget in order to integrate with other smart devices
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Since you need to check your lock is compatible with the smart lock or not, let’s have a look on its compatibility. The August smart lock is compatible with most of the standard lock systems.

If your one is a standard deadbolt along with a thumb-latch and also it has a separate door handle under then it is likely compatible.


Yes, it is simpler than you think. Even you do not have to hire a techie person in order to install the lock. The first thing you will need is to check your deadbolt is compatible with the smart lock.

Now remove the thumb-latch from the old lock with a screwdriver. After removing the thumb-latch, it’s time to attach the mountain plate of August lock to your deadbolt. When it is done, you need to attach its adapter to the lock’s back and take up the wing latches.

And finally, connect your lock to the previously attached mountain plate and lower your wing latches. You are done. Isn’t it simple?


Set up the August smart lock Wi-Fi Bridge is even easier. First of all, you need to make sure that the Wi-Fi of your IOS device is turned on. Now unbox the Wi-Fi bridge device and find out an outlet within 15 to 20 feet of your august smart lock. If you can’t find that there will be a signal issue it is important.

Now plug in your august Wi-Fi bridge. Check there is a green light flashing or not. If the light is flashing, everything is alright, if that is not flashing then press the button the smart lock connect and hold it for 3 seconds. This will work. Open your august home app. With the app, you can check how strong your Wi-Fi signal is.

Now go to the setting option and check there is an option named “set up new devices”. Click on that option and select Set up the August connect option. You are almost done. If you are using IOS then it will ask for choosing the Wi-Fi network. Once you have selected the network and if the signal is good enough you are done. Start using the August connect.

But if the network signal is not strong enough then the app will suggest you set up the August connect in other locations. Follow the instruction and you are done. One thing I want to mention is that you can use the app on both IOS and Android.


August app instructions

I hope in this meantime you have understood how easy it is to install the August connect. But the good news is that the use of the August app is also very easy.

When you click the app, it will be opened with a greeting and you will see an overview of the locks and properties of yours. This will enable you to jump on any lock if you have multiple locks in your house. There is two option, red and green. Simply tap any of those buttons in order to lock or unlock.

Just lock and unlock are not the things you can do in the app. You can set the auto lock and unlock as well. This is for those smart people who want to lock and forget about it. When you set the automation lock, the lock will be automatically unlocked when you are 200 meters or more close to your house. In the same way, when you will be out of this circle it will automatically lock your home.

You can do this to lock automatically after a specific time. And the last but not the least use of the app is that you can set an alarm in your app which will tell you your home is locked or unlocked. Even if you leave your home unlocked, this will also let you know. This is the thing you need and you are looking for.


When you will set up the August smart lock 2nd generation properly in your door which is easy to operate I mean you need no lifting or pulling or pushing the door open or close and if your deadbolt is not that “sticky” then the Smart lock battery life should be around 3 months.


After a few months, you need to replace the battery. But don’t panic. The changing of the battery is also so simple. You do not need to hire any techie to change the battery.

Before replacing the batteries you need to know and remember something. The August lock has 4 AA batteries. You need to replace all the batteries at once. And it is recommended that you use standard alkaline batteries only. If you use lithium or any other extended-life alkaline batteries then that will not provide you with the experience you want. Also, this will not alert you when the batteries are going to die or it will alert you when these are not.

You will find the batteries on the front logo. What you need to do is to push down the logo and remove the lid. That is so simple. Once you have removed the lid, you will see the batteries. Slowly remove all the batteries. One problem you will face here is to get the one that is beneath the one which is visible. To get that, you need to pull that red flap.

Now simply replace all the batteries with new batteries. You are done.


While using the 2nd generation August smart lock, you might face these problems.

The indicator light does not flash

There is a LED light in front of the light. But the light does not flash even though the power is on.

The LED is faulty

The LED should be replaced since it is an indicator of the power as well as connection. Without this light, you will not be able to know the device is connected or powered.

The speaker does not make any sound

The device has power. Since the LED indicates that when the device is locked and unlocked. But the speaker is not making a sound.

The speaker might be broken

It is quite possible that the speaker which is located in the device has been busted. So you should replace the speaker as soon as possible.

There is a problem in the motherboard

After replacing the speaker, if the problem has not been solved, then it is almost sure that there is a problem with the motherboard. The motherboard is inside the lock and you can access it from the bottom of the lock. You should talk to the August support system and change the motherboard as well to solve the problem.

The device is not responding

The device has no power and the LED light is not flashing. Also, it is not connected to any smartphone.

The batteries are dead

If the device is not responding, then most probably your device’s batteries are dead. So the first thing you need to in this situation is to replace the battery. I have already mentioned how you can replace the batteries. Follow the instruction and replace your dead batteries.

The device is not connecting to my phone

The device can be locked manually but cannot be locked with the smartphone app. The power of the device is on but the app shows that it is unable to connect to your lock.

August connect

In order to connect your app to the lock from far away, you need to buy the August Connect. If the problem is due to the distance, the August connect will solve the problem.

The Bluetooth setting

If it is not for the distance then there is a chance that your smartphone is not connected to the device via Bluetooth. So you need to be sure that your phone is connected to the lock via Bluetooth. In order to be sure, go to the setting option of your smartphone, and check it is on as well as connected to the lock.

There is a problem in the motherboard

If the above solutions do not work, then the last thing that can happen is that there is a problem is a motherboard. You need to replace the motherboard or solve whatever problem it has via August smart lock support.

The lock is flashing red

There is a red light flashing on my lock.

The batteries need to be replaced

The red light flashing means that your batteries need to be replaced. You have already known how you will do that.

The lock is not operating with the app but by hand

The lock can be unlocked by hand but not with the app.

The mountain plate might be over tightened

When setting up the lock, it the screws in the mountain plate are over tightened, your lock will not work or make a clicking sound. In order to solve the problem, you need to loosen the crews.

To loosen your screws, first of all, you need to remove the August smart lock.  Then lift the hinges on each of the sides. Once you have finished removing the lock, simply loosen lock’s screws. This will makes you enable to sway the mounting plate easily from side to side. After doing this, put the lock on your door and you are done. The lock should work with the app.

This can also happen when your device’s batteries are low. So check the batteries as well.

The device is not locking or unlocking the door

The power is on but it is not locking or unlocking the door. There is no motion as well except when using the lock manually.

The batteries are dead

This is the most common issue that the lock is not working because of the dead batteries. You need to replace the batteries.

Wi-Fi setting

If you are using the app far away from the lock then it is possible that your Wi-Fi setting is not right. Check the setting of your Wi-Fi and make sure that your lock is connected to the app via Wi-Fi. Also, you can turn off the Wi-Fi and again turn on it to make sure that there is no problem.

Bluetooth setting

If your app is not located far away from your device then you should check that your smartphone is connected to the device via Bluetooth. Go to the mobile setting option and be sure that you’re device is connected to the mobile app via Bluetooth.

All gears inside the lock are not functioning

If you cannot solve the problem by following the above steps, it is probably because there is a problem of gears inside the lock. One of the gears might have broken./ o you need to repair the gear or replace the gear to solve the problem.

Problem with accelerometer

The accelerometer is one of the main components along with the gears and motors to turn the lock. If there is any problem of the accelerometer then you have to replace the accelerometer as well.

Faulty motherboard

If all the above steps do not work then there is the only problem which is the faulty motherboard. As previously mentioned, you need to replace the motherboard.

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi error

If there is any problem regarding Bluetooth and Wi-Fi error, reset august connect by removing two batteries and re-install them. Hope that will solve your problem.


The August smart lock is actually a bouncer for any smart homeowner. The people who are looking for a smart lock then august smart lock 2nd generation can be a perfect choice. It is easy to install, easy to use and it itself does its task very well. You just lock the door and forget about it. The rest of the things will be done by the August lock. Additionally, it looks smart and attractive, so it will enhance the beauty of your home and I hope you will love it.



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