10 Outdated Social Media Tactics That Need to Die

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If you ask me what is the best way to promote your product at present? I will say social media marketing.  If you can use social media tactics properly then you are the marketing king.

However, you need to be up to date all the time in order to get the result. If you use the media tactics that are from the time when Windows 7 was published then I must say you are not even qualified to do social media marketing.

Stop using these 10 outdated social media tactics. You will not get any results.

I might help you in that case. In this article, I am going to tell you some outdated social media marketing tactics that do not work now and those that need to die. So here are 10 outdated tactics:

#1 Your social media is for promotion only

Social media is a great way to communicate with your targeted audience. However, some marketers just use social media for promotional purposes only. I mean, everyone does that, but some people only share promotional images or videos, nothing else. This is one of the outdated social media marketing tactics that need to die.

Your social media is for promotion only

When you do that, your audience only sees the promotional video on their feed that they don’t want to see at all. Then they just unfollow you or mute your post.

Of course, you will share promotional content. That is the main target. However, only posting promotional content is not a good idea and that does not work now at all.

#2 Using too many hashtags

The hashtag is one of the greatest ways to reach more people and also fall your post in a relevant category. However, the excessive amount of hashtag looks unprofessional and at the same time make the social media bot confused about the category of the post.

In addition, some of the social media, such as Instagram, do not like excessive hashtags and they sometimes ban the account that uses too many hashtags.

Just a few relevant hashtags is good enough for your marketing. Using too many hashtags is one of those social media tactics that do not work now.

#3 Content is text-heavy

Creating long, heavy text content is good for the website. It helps for SEO. But in social media, it does not work at all. People who spend their time on social media have no time or patient. A study shows that nearly 80% of users do not like a text-heavy long article.

Rather they like the infographic or video content. A study suggests that an infographic or video has 54% more engagement than a normal text heavy, long content. That is why nowadays, no smart marketer use the long text-based article in their social media promotion. Yes, they publish long content on their blog, but not on social media.

#4 Automated pitch

Simply think about it. You like someone’s profile or find something interesting on someone’s profile and as a result, you click the follow button. Suddenly a promotional message is sent to your inbox. Will you like it?

I am sure, you won’t.

The same goes for others. The main target of social media marketing is to make people like your brand, trust your brand. But if you use these kinds of pitches then people will think they are nothing but a prospect to you. As a result, they will unfollow you and never trust you. I think this is another outdated tactics and this should die as well.

Not all marketers, but some of the marketers do this thing. What they do is to just keep posting link after links. No other content. Even the people who just share promotional content are far better than these people. At least they share something visible and sometimes interesting.

On contrary, these people just share the link and when people see that they are getting link after link in their feed from you, they have nothing to do but unfollow or mute you, no matter how good your brand is. So if you are one of those people, just stop these things today. Rather post something interesting, post a good story, behind the scene, motivational or funny quote, or good video that will enhance the engagement of the users.

follow to follow strategy

#6 Follow to Follow strategy

This is the strategy of the time when social media just launched. That time, people followed someone so that they could get follow back.

Now, at this age, some people are there who do this as well. And the interesting fact is that they follow 100 people and get 1 follow back. And the next day they unfollow the rest of the 99. Does this even make any sense? This is nonsense.

Nowadays, Social Media like Facebook, Instagram does not like this and sometimes they will even ban you. In addition, you will get some followers, that’s for sure, but you will not get any engagement as well.

All your efforts will be destroyed. The reason is the people follow you back are the people who follow back anyone who follows them. They are not your target audience and that is why you will not be benefited from them anyway.

#7 Auto engagement bots

You may have heard about this kind of auto engagement bots. Basically, these bots do like, or comment or favorite the posts from those accounts that you have followed. And it does it as soon as they post something no matter it is at midnight or noon or any other time.

Maybe you are thinking that it is a good thing since they are thinking I am always active and liking, sharing their posts. But that is not true at all.

At first, people do not understand that, they think it is you. But with time they will understand that it is not you and as a result either they remove from their list or they block you.

Instead of doing this, you should engage really with their post and appreciate their contribution. As themselves what they want or communicate properly. Only then they will trust your brand.

#8 Obeying best time to publish rule

This is another social media marketing tactics that do not work much. However, I am not saying this is a bad thing.

Waiting for the moment when the maximum of your audience is online is not that bad. But come one, is that worthy of the waiting. I mean if you post it before the maximum people come online, won’t they get your post? That is why I will suggest posting content when people start coming online.

#9 Not creating the post for sharing

A lot of expert marketers are there who are good at optimizing the content for search engine optimization, very few of them optimize their content for social sharing.

You know, social media sharing is the thing by which your post can go viral. That is why not thinking about social media sharing is a terrible idea. Always try to create content that is optimized perfectly for social sharing.

#10 Do not think about engagement

A lot of people out there who believe about the number of followers, not the engagement rate. Though more followers is a great thing, however, it will not help you anyway if you do not get any engagement.

If you have 10k followers but do not get 20 likes or 5 shares in your post, what is the benefit of having those followers? That is why giving the priority to the follower number rather than engagement is an outdated technique that should die.

Final verdict

An outdated, old-fashioned marketing strategy will not provide you any result, they will just ruin your time. No matter how much effort you give in your social media marketing, if you follow those outdated strategies, your all effort will end in smoke. So be smart, use up-to-date social media marketing strategy.

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